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Thursday, July 22, 2010

100 today!!

No, not my age, but this is the 100th blog post. Just as well I noticed. There won’t be wonderful prizes, or giveaways, or anything like that. (Maybe for my real birthday in a couple of months when I’m finally old enough to give up work, and get paid for it. So…. watch this space).

It all started on 10th July 2009. We were already writing a travel/outings/town and around type blog but I felt it wasn’t appropriate to add my quilting interest to this blog. So why not start a specialist quilting one? So I did, with a lot of background help from DH. I’ve written about my quilt club and friendship groups. Reported on our local quilt shops, and those that I come across while we travel around in the caravan. Then there are all the projects I’ve started, and some I’ve actually finished. I got a real buzz when my Christmas apron was featured last year on the Selvage Blog, I can tell you!!

DSCF2011 Muffy, giving me some quilting advice.

It is so nice to read other quilt blogs too. And…… I got to meet fellow blogger Lis and her lovely DH Alan from the UK when they travelled to New Zealand a few months ago. It would be nice to meet some other bloggers and readers when we retire shortly and travel further afield in our caravan. Just let me know where you are if we make it to your part of New Zealand, and we would love to meet for coffee somewhere.

So all in all, It’s been a very enjoyable year of quilty blogging for me. It’s been fun to write, and I certainly hope that people enjoy reading it. And don’t forget, if you want to see what we get up to in our caravan, or even just around town, check out our other blog on www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com


Maria said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. Like you Jenny I have been blogging for just over a year and enjoy reading blogs and posting.
So far I have not met any of my blogging friends but hope to one day.

aubirdwoman said...

Congratulations on being 100 Jenny.
Blogging is addictive isn't it.
I love your New Blog Clothes.

FlourishingPalms said...

Congratulations on #100. It's amazing how quickly those posts add up, isn't it? And we learn so much from other bloggers. All the best on your next 100 posts!

Lindi said...

Congrats on your 100th! Exciting when you reach that milestone, isn't it?

Julie said...

Your blog doesn't look a day over 99!!!LOL Congratulations Your blog is lovely, and I enjoy browsing your posts for inspiration and entertainment!!!