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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Stitching Monday

Without a doubt, time certainly is whizzing fast. It hardly seems four weeks since our last (monthly) Stitching Monday, and yesterday, there we were again. I decided not to unhook my machine from the sewing cabinet, and took along hand stitching instead. And of course, to make sure I had some hand stitching, I was working on the sewing machine on Sunday, machine quilting two little Christmas wall hangings. But what about those bindings I had planned to stitch down by hand on Monday? So there I was, bright and early at 7;00am on Monday morning, sitting at the machine sewing the bindings on, and making hanging sleeves. Just as well there was no photographer in the vicinity, as I was still in my nightie and dressing gown. Shock, horror, that’s not really like me at all – please believe me! Those bindings and hanging sleeves got stitched in place yesterday, and I had time to do a little hand quilting on a Christmas cushion as well.

The other ladies present were just as industrious. Some had their sewing machines whirring away as they pieced or machine quilted, while the others were busy doing hand work. There was lots of chatter going on too. Pamela has finished her striking Lone Star top with the pieced borders, and was busily piecing all her left overs together to utilise in the backing. I was very impressed with the panel she had made with her daughter’s name in pieced letters. It was not too hard to do, she told us.

DSCF3892No prizes for guessing the daughter’s name.

Joyce was working to a deadline, she related, she has to finish three quilts in three months. Her green picket fence is number two quilt, so I think she is doing very well. Joyce didn’t want to be in the photo so all we can see of her are her fingers and toes.

DSCF3893 Joyce hiding behind her green picket fence quilt top

This lovely cot panel is going to a family friend. Who wouldn’t be pleased to tuck their little one up at night under Heather’s gorgeous gift?

DSCF3894 Heather and her cot quilt

Sylvia loves doing buttonhole appliqué and this is the first block on another lovely quilt. She has already prepared the other blocks for stitching and we know how fast she is, the blocks will be finished in no time at all. Thanks again ladies, I really enjoy these monthly get together.

DSCF3895 Sylvia and the first block of her new quilt

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I especially like Sylvia's block