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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hand made for Christmas

There was a huge pile of gifts under the Christmas Tree, all nicely wrapped up in festive paper.  Our family at Kiwitea like to start Christmas early.  Grand-daughter Emma woke up early and banged on the caravan door at 6.15am.  After all, there are presents that need unwrapping.
DSCF5037 All the presents under the tree
One by the one gifts were passed around and unwrapped.  I had made several gifts this year and was interested to see how they would be received.  DSCF5040
Emma unwrapped her gifts and here she is with the Christmas Bon-bon on her knee, full of wrapped sweets.  I also presented her with a festive Kiwi, complete with a Santa hat on top of his head.  What did she think of these hand-made gifts?  I’m not too sure.  These were not my original choice of gifts for my grand-daughter – I had earlier made two items for her beloved little puppy.  But sadly the puppy met with an accident and passed away just prior to Christmas, so I had to quickly find alternative gifts for her.  
DSCF4988 Christmas Kiwi
I stitched a Christmas apron for my daughter with a large appliquéd old fashioned Santa on the front.  With bright red ties I thought it looked very festive indeed.
DSCF4900 Nicky’s Christmas apron
And how about a nice new oven cloth to go with that apron?  This is stitched with Christmas strips, has heat resistant wadding in the middle and backed with hessian.  “Oh good”, she said, I could do with a new one of those”.
DSCF4901 Christmas oven cloth
Nicky wasn’t the only one with a Christmas apron, I decided to make one for myself as well. 
DSCF5053 Nicky and Jenny modelling the Christmas aprons
While I was happily doing my Christmas stitching the last week or so, my daughter and grand-daughters were busy at their own hand made gifts.  Nicky makes and packages the most divine Russian fudge,  Emma made everyone chocolate fudge, and Megan made peppermint chocolates for us all.  Of course hand made is best!

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Frances Leate said...

Sounds like you had a great day Jenny and you both look very festive in your Christmas aprons. Handmade gifts are very special! Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season.