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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Hello Spring

My slow stitching lately has been working on Hello Spring.  I wanted to stitch a small seasonal wall-hanging – I already had one for Autumn and another for Winter and they hang on the wall by our front entrance.  The words were originally stitched in a springy yellow colour, but it didn't really show up enough.  Nothing for it but to remove them and re-stitch with black thread.  The stitching is done on a pale green fabric, which doesn’t really show up in the photo at all.  This design is an adaptation of something similar which I found on the internet, but I changed the words to suit myself.


Just started

It was fun to chose the different colours for the tiny flowers, and it didn't really take too long at all to get these stitched up.   Now then, what shall I choose for a border fabric?  Several colours were auditioned, and I chose a sunny yellow sprinkled with lots of pretty flowers.  Then I machine quilted this small project in a diagonal grid, using a very pale variegated thread, and finished off with a striped blue binding.  It measures 16 inches square.


Ready to hand stitch the binding down

And ta-da, here it is all done, both the hanging sleeve and a small label have been added.  Spring is just about over here in the Southern Hemisphere, with Summer knocking at the door, so this will be put away until Spring clicks around again, next year.  So to my mind, I’m not really late, just nice and early for 2023.


Hello Spring


Gretchen Weaver said...

Very cute! Now you need to make a "Hello Summer" cutie. Happy stitching!

CathieJ said...

Hello Spring is so bright and cheerful. Just what is needed after a cold winter. I like your embroidery and your choice of fabrics.

Ivani said...

This so cute!!! Yeah your are ready for 2023 Spring!!!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That is a lovely embroidery finish, Jenny! The border and binding fabric are perfect for it, too. I enjoy having seasonal things to hang up around the house, too!

FlourishingPalms said...

Very pretty! It's nice to stitch-up something that doesn't take forever, isn't it? And choosing to finish it like a quilt is the perfect ending. I hope you have lots of guests coming in that front door and admiring your handiwork.

Connie said...

I love your attitude . . . not late, but early for next year :) It's really very pretty and cheerful, just the way we are after a long winter. Spring is always a celebration even when only celebrated in the heart and soul.

loulee said...

What a bright and happy mini.

Janice said...

What a cheery welcome there will be to your home next spring. So nice and fresh.

Linda said...

That is a lovely finish, and ready to display when spring arrives once again.

Jackie said...

Very nice. You stitch so quickly.

God bless.