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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Draw String Bags

I’ve just completed stitching six little drawstring bags for the charity Foster Hope.  These are given for children in foster care, amongst with other items, and they use them to keep their toiletries or pens and pencils in.  Just so you don't thinks I'm Wonder Woman, I have to confess that the bags were stitched, bit by bit, over a period of several weeks – I’m still pacing myself sitting at the sewing machine after my spinal surgery.  Then I had to go and purchase some suitably coloured cord, and the final job was threading it through.  There, all done.  Mmm, it seems that I should be stitching a few extra, suitable for boys.


Drawstring bags for donation

I had a bit of excitement the other day when I had to climb up the drop down ladder in the garage to get to our storage  space in the ceiling.  This always causes me a little apprehension, those wooden treads are rather small and then its a matter of clambering through the hole at the top of the ladder.  Not at all easy, I can tell you, not being young, fit and flexible any more!


Up the ladder

The reason for my trip up the ladder was to put the two little blue toddlers cardigans I had recently completed away.  I have a crate upstairs which has some of my children’s knitting projects tucked away, ready and waiting for any new family arrivals.  There were several items in the crate which I had completely forgotten about!


We are in our second week of lockdown, and we are both pottering around, doing this and that, and tuning in to the 1.00pm TV update every day.  As we have been told, the numbers will get worse before they get better, but the good news is that there has not been a single death so far in this current outbreak.  In fact, the pandemic deaths here in New Zealand have been minuscule, with a total of 26 since the pandemic started in 2020.

Keep safe and well everyone, and we are safely tucked up at home, obeying the rules.  Our planned three week caravan trip is not happening, but hopefully we will be able to get away soon.


ButterZ said...

Great sewing bags, knitting and sad about the trip. Keep safe

Nancy J said...

You could always potter out to the caravan for lunch, or even a night or two, and pretend you were somewhere else. This level might go on for some time more, but no deaths, not one person in ICU, I have no idea how anyone behind all the statistics we get each day can keep up with the massive numbers and get it all out for the 1 p.m. update.We get our first vaccination next Monday, and I rang to make the appointment months ago!!!

Julierose said...

Cute blue knitted set!! That ladder does look like it could be very intimidating...stay safe there...no lockdown as yet here--just masking and social distancing inside...
hugs, Julierose

Maria said...

Good pile of string bags for the foster kids Jenny..
Oh do be careful climbing that ladder 🪜…. Cute baby knits…
Stay safe 👍❤️

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

oh do be careful on those skinny stairs! - but I bet you felt good in knowing you were know well enough to climb those - you certainly couldn't before your surgery. We have a weekly update from our governor in our state weekly that we listen to

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Nice drawstring bags, and I know the children appreciate having a place to keep their treasures and toiletries safe and clean. Unfortunately, not everyone here is following the rules, so positive cases and deaths are steadily increasing.

loulee said...

It's a good thing we all have stash isn't it?
Stay safe and well.

Allison said...

Lovely bags Jenny. Good to have things to sew in lockdown. Stay safe.

Janice said...

It’s good to be able to make some bags, ready for the time you can deliver them to the recipients and the little knits are nice to have stashed away. I’m glad it wasn’t me clambering up those steps. We had our second vaccination today, which is a good feeling. Let’s hope our lockdowns don’t last for too long.

Karen S said...

The bags are a lovely idea.
I am pleased you were successful with getting up and down the ladder. The blue knitting is delightful.
Good you are keeping busy with the lock down. It is no fun but it is worth it to be safe.