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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Winter has Arrived

The days have ticked over and the 1st of June heralds in Winter in my part of the world.  And just to show us that Mother Nature is boss, yesterday was cold and rather wet.  So wet in fact that there was flooding and road closures further up the country.  Pity the poor holiday makers trying to get home after the long three day holiday weekend – luckily we had stayed home this time and were tucked up safe and warm inside. 

The change of season always  means a change of wall-hangings.  (Forgive me if you have seen them before).  Down came my recently completed Autumn one to be replaced by “Winter Welcome”.  Yes, I know we don’t get snow like this where I live, only wind and rain and the occasional bout of hail.  This one hangs in the sitting room just inside our front door.

Winter Welcome

And over the sofa went “International Maples”, made with blocks from an internet block swap.  I like to have this up in the winter because of the black background seems more in keeping with winter days.

International Maples

The maple leaves came from different countries. These are two of my favourites, such beautiful fabric from a quilter in Indonesia.  And I love the different fabrics used in the small blocks from Canada.

P1340738  .   P1340739

I didn’t need to change the small wall-hanging in my sewing room (spare bedroom) as the winter quilt has been hanging up through Spring, Summer and Autumn already.

Winter Quilt Festival

The cozy winter sheets are now on our bed, as is the winter quilt with warm woolen batting, so we are all set.  Mind you, today has turned out bright and sunny, a real change from the dreary day yesterday.    But there is not much warmth in the sun these days unless I can find a sunny spot to sit outside, protected from the wind.


Maria said...

Nice to have put out your Winter projects...
I must put the fleecy sheets on our bed too. Getting colder at night here but could do with more rain.

Julierose said...

It might be "late winter" here with our colder than normal temps....normal temps would not be in the 40's-- but rather,the 70-80 degree range...we start out the day with warm clothes and shed them at noon for cooler ones..
Neat winter pieces you've decorated with...julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

cozy flannel sheets sounds so nice for winter - I always say I need to get some and never have.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Even though it’s still officially Spring, Summer arrived over the weekend. Suddenly the flannel sheets are too warm for sleeping comfortably. I welcome spbeing able to sit outside and knit or twine.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

That Winter Quilt Festival of snowmen is adorable!

Karen S said...

It has turned cold here, too.
Lovely to see all the wall hangings ready for Winter. A lovely idea.