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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Christmas Rally, Police Car Ride and Family Visit

Our last caravan club rally of the year, our Christmas Rally, was held at Shannon School, not too far away, about an 18km trip from home. Gemma came too, of course, and it was great to meet up with our caravan club buddies again.  We all gathered in the hall on Friday evening to watch the 1998 film, The Proposition, a story of a wealthy Boston couple who cannot conceive, and a handsome young priest.  Shades of the Thorn birds, it seems, so no prizes for guessing how the story ends.

There was quite a bit of interest on Saturday morning when club member Owen friends arrived with their lovingly restored cars.  There was even more excitement when we were offered a ride.  Kath and I decided we would really love to have a ride in the Police car, and settled down in the back seat.  And yes, it was my very first time in a police car!

Riding in the police car

The family came calling on Saturday afternoon, so it was lovely to be able to have a catch up before Christmas.   With their busy schedules, sometimes it is difficult to find a free day to meet, so this worked out well.  My daughter Nicky was looking well after  her health scare last year.  We had afternoon tea together, caught up on everyone’s news, and did a present swap. 

Meagan, Robert, Nicky and Emma

The caravan club members all pooled cars and drove to a local restaurant, Murrayfield, for dinner on Saturday evening.  With three choices for each course, there was something to appeal to everyone.  I chose salt and pepper squid, battered fish, and peach sponge pudding, all very nice.

Out for Dinner

While we were happily chatting away and enjoying our meal, a police chase was underway in the area, we found out later.  A helicopter and armed police were called in to help as two cars were pursued during a police chase.  The pursuit started about 4.30pm at Foxton Beach and ended in Shannon, where two people were taken into custody about 7pm.  A helicopter was used to find the offenders and police were armed as a precaution, the spokeswoman said.

Even more food for Sunday’s morning tea, with Christmas Mince Pies, and Val provided some yummy rum balls.  We seemed to have been eating all weekend!

Morning tea on Sunday

Gemma helped me change the bed, prancing all over the sheets.  Surely I’m doing this just for her amusement, she thinks.  Then there was even more to keep her interested, as I wrestled the duvet into the clean cover and put that in place too.  That’s better, all nice and clean for our next trip away.

Gemma helping to make the bed

With such a busy weekend, I didn’t have a great deal of spare time to do any stitching.  All I managed was a little knitting, but every bit helps, doesn’t it.  I like to knit the two sleeves together.

Time for knitting

Christmas is coming at an alarming rush, but I haven’t got too much to do now.  We are having a quiet Christmas lunch at home, then off in the caravan again.


Tired Teacher said...

What a lovely photo of you and Robin. I was relieved to read that your ride in the police car was not official.

ButterZ said...

Lovely photos of you. What a great car

Connie said...

Great photo of the two of you, you're a very good looking couple :)

Janice said...

A very social weekend. So nice to have the family visit in your van. I’m sure Gemma was a great help.

Julierose said...

Just wonderful picture of you and robin together--I love how Gemma helps around the house-hahaha hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like you had a lovely time and glad your daughter is now so much better. I do not understand how you knit two sleeves at once - I would need a video to see how that is done!

Lyndsey said...

That looks like a fun weekend and I love the picture of you and Robin. Picasso and Scamp like to help change our bed. It generally ends up in a right muddle and usually Scamp is in the duvet cover.

Maria said...

Fun catch up with your caravanning friends and lovely you also got to catch up with the family...
Gemma is such a help!
Good idea knitting both sleeves at once...
Enjoy your net trip away.

Cathy said...

I love hearing about your escapades! You and Robin lead a very fun and active life. I agree that Christmas is coming at a breakneck clip this year! We are ready, and are actually spending a day indoors (it snowed last night), relaxing and reading, sewing and (unfortunately) catching up on laundry. Tomorrow is soon enough to wander out to appointments and a book store coffee date!

Karen S said...

It has been a very eventful weekend. I think you need a holiday. Lovely to catch up with family and friends in all the activities.