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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Two Weeks in a Row

The dice rolled 6, two weeks in a row, dictating which particular UFO I work on.  Not that I’m complaining, it gives me a chance to hopefully  finish up my Jingle Table Runner this week.


When I left this project at the end of last week, I had completed the top,  made a pieced backing, using up some more festive fabric, and prepared the binding.  Yesterday I cobbled together a couple of pieces of batting, and  pinned the layers all together ready to quilt.  And today I started, using my walking foot, quilting in the ditch between the larger embroidered pieces and  the centre squares.

Quilting in the ditch

Deciding against quilting in the ditch between all those centre squares, instead I did lines of straight stitching using the foot as a guide.  Yes, it’s certainly a bit more work with these extra lines each side of the seam line,instead of in the ditch, but I quite like how it turned out.

Stitching in a grid

All the straight line quilting in the centre panel  is now completed.  Tomorrow I’ll have to decide what to do on the stitchery panels.

While I was sitting at the machine, working away, our cat Gemma was determined to get inside the wardrobe.   There are all sorts of things in here, summer clothes, and multiple crates with my sewing stuff.   Opening the door for her, she soon settled down to snooze, curled up on top of some batting, all nice and comfy! She wasn't at all worried about the various items of clothing hanging down all around her.   What a life, cats certainly like making themselves comfortable, don’t they?

Hiding in the wardrobe


Nancy J said...

cream and blue, a perfect backdrop for Gemma. Love those quilting lines, a great way to finish this.

Janice said...

The second week means you have made great progress. I use that form of quilting sometimes too. Easier than ditch stitching and looks really effective. I wonder what you end up doing around the stitcheries? Gemma certainly does have the life.

Rose said...

My coworkers and I roll die to see where we are going for lunch. Never thought to use it for which project to work on. But I have more than 6 UFOs. I also prefer the echo quilting.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you are certainly nice to let your cat have access to the closet - I'd be afraid she would rip that batting to shreds.

Julierose said...

I really like your quilting decision--looks very pretty..Gemma makes her self very comfortable lol hugs, Julierose

Tired Teacher said...

Love the closeup of the fabrics and the stitched Santa. This project will be finished in short order.

Maria said...

Nice to have No 6 come up again and work on your christmas runner.
Quilting looks great..
Gemma sure found a comfy spot...

White Rose said...

Hi Jenny oh i cant wait to see the finished runner,i love xmas projects and this one is beautiful,lol had to laugh at Gemma how funny she found a lovely warm cosy spot in the wardrobe xx

Cathy said...

Well, you’ll have that cute table runner finished in no time! And my cats Alfie and Dara send Two Paws Up to Gemma. They say she’s got the right idea about nice, cozy napping locations!

Karen S said...

This looks great with the straight line quilting. I see a finish coming up!