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Friday, July 19, 2019

Taking it easy, and a knitting finish

I’ve been rather occupied this week with my medical (day) procedure.  I packed my “hospital bag” with a few things which I may have needed.  This lovely bag was a gift from Jean who blogs at All Points of the Compass.  She sent me this batik bag three years ago when I was having treatment at the hospital for several weeks, and it accompanied me each day.  Thanks so much Jean, I have called it my hospital bag and use it for appointments.

My special bag for day hospital visits

“What’s my name and date of birth” I was asked.  Luckily I knew the answers, but always wonder what happens to the poor old souls who have forgotten such facts.  Guess they have a support person with them who gets them organized before having treatment.  My procedure went well, I’m happy to say, and I got an “all clear”.  As I was dressed and on my way out the door, the doctor merrily called out, “See you again in five years time”.  Much better to go through some discomfort every now and again to get thoroughly checked out - and we are so lucky that hospital care is free here in New Zealand.


One of my goals this week was to finish up some long standing knitting projects.  First was a little baby’s hooded jumper, knitted ages ago.  All I had to do was to sew the hood onto the neck, and hunt for a pretty pink button.  The pattern was “Baby Yeti” and was a freebie on the internet.  This is so pretty that I’ve decided I’ll be tucking it away in my box for future family babies.

Baby Yeti in Pink

Next was to finish up my winter wooly cardigan, made with cream New Zealand 12ply wool.  There's a bit of a story about this wool.  I purchased it many years ago when my two grand-daughters were young, with the aim to make them a cable jumper each.  That didn’t happen, so I decided to knit it up for myself.  This pattern is knitted in one piece for the fronts and back, not something I had done before.  All the knitting was finished, the sleeves, collar and front bands too, and then it got put away again – the story of my life! 


Now at last, it’s all together, and the buttons sewed on.  I’m so pleased it’s finally finished, and I’ll be able to get some wear out of it this winter.  It’s lovely and cozy.

Finished, at last

So that’s been my week, with a couple of nana naps thrown into the mix as well.  I’m feeling much better now, and so pleased I had a good result – I’m always a bit of a worrier about these things.  We found a bottle of bubbly in the cupboard, so we’ve decided to celebrate with a home cooked prawn stir-fry meal and raise a glass of bubbly to ourselves!


White Rose said...

Hi Jenny so glad to hear that you are ok and feeling better ,definitely worth celebrating .
Wow you are a wonderful knitter as well as a beautiful patchworker,love the baby jumper and the cardigan you made for yourself looks terrific on you as well as keeping you warm,well done my friend xx

Nancy J said...

Three years, where has that gone?I looked up your bag pattern, and think I might make one for another friend, not for hospital visits, but to cram in those last minute things when going away for a weekend maybe.So glad the visit went well, we are thankful for free health care too.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I'm so glad to hear you got the all clear on the medical stuff - I am a worrier like you and I would have high blood pressure until I got the all clear for sure! I love seeing your sweater in the making so different than the crochet sweater that I am currently making. I love the bag your friend made you

Tired Teacher said...

Relieved to hear that your procedure went well, that you're feeling better and that you and Robin had some bubbly to celebrate. Love your two finished sweaters. Your cardigan is a classic design that I love.

Julierose said...

Good news on the medical front, Jenny ;)))) Nice knitting projects; I had made that white cardi sweater (or a very similar pattern) in my knitting days--now long gone....
You must be happy to be home and healthy...hugs, Julierose

Lyndsey said...

I'm very pleased your procedure went well and you got the all clear. I am also very happy that medical care here in the UK is free. Love the baby jumper, it's so cute and your cardigan looks very warm and snuggly.

Jo said...

Woohoo... I got the photos to show. I clicked on one of them, it loaded up and then all the others loaded too. Now I can go back and catch up with all your photos with the writing...

Jo said...

Cheers to your results, great finishes and your cardigan fits really well.

HEATHER B said...

great news Jenny and very satisfying for you to tick off the knitting. looks lovely and cosy on you all the best. Heather

Janice said...

Good on you for cracking the bubbly. You deserve it - for both a good result and great finishes.