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Monday, July 8, 2019

Slow Stitching on a Wet Weekend

We have just had three rather wet and cold days away in the caravan.  Just as well I had some hand quilting to do.  I’m currently working on the Puriri Wreath block, on my New Zealand Botanical quilt.

A little hand quilting

The rain kept coming down, the wind blew, but we were nice and cozy inside our caravan.  Gemma was interested watching the rain drops trickle down the front window.  And any birds she saw looking for worms outside put her in to a state of great excitement!

Yes Gemma, it’s still raining outside

The weather may have been bad, but the company was good.  We were away with our caravan club friends in Carterton for the weekend, but four of us decided to arrive a day early – just because we could.

Some of our caravans in a row

The camp was very pleasant, nice and tidy with good facilities, and we had the use of a large room to gather in.  In between the showers I went for a walk to see what I could see.  This nicely landscaped corner by the office had a small aviary, with birds chirping inside.  I took a walk around the camp and came across some sheep in the paddock over the fence.  This one must be valued for it’s coloured fleece, I’m sure.  We don't usually see piebald sheep like this, I must say.

Seen on my wander around the camp

As often happens when it is time to go home, Sunday dawned clear and sunny.  Retracing our journey, we headed back through Eketahuna, which calls itself Kiwi Country.  Probably because this little town is not too far from Pukaha National Wildlife Centre, which has bred some rare white kiwis.  The flightless kiwi is our national bird, and the Wildlife Centre is a great place for visitors to stop if they are passing by.

Seen in Eketahuna

Regardless of the weather, we still had a great weekend away, catching up with our caravan club friends.  What’s a little wind and rain in the winter, after all?


vintagerose said...

Hi Jenny I have been commenting using my phone and have just discovered that for some reason it doesn't work.
How lovely to be so cosy in your van,nice to be warm and watch the rain outside and it sounds like Gemma likes it too.
Love your work,take care my friend xx

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that sheep you show is actually quite beautiful isn't it - and yes we usually do not see ones that look like that here either.
I do not care for rainy days when we travel in our motorhome - it makes it difficult to go out and walk and enjoy the weather and sights and our home is quite small so it makes it hard to even get a little exercise we always seem to end up getting in our car that we tow and take a drive and try to find someplace dry to walk. We are normally in the mountains so if it rains the weather is usually quite chilly.

Sue Rostron said...

Hi I realise I don't comment on blogs and thought I should start to. I really enjoy reading through your blog and am thinking of starting to pick from six projects .It's a great way to get things finished up.

Jenny said...

Hi all, thanks for your comments.
Sue, thanks for visiting. I cannot reply to you directly as you come up as a non reply blogger. Listing 6 projects, then rolling the dice each week certainly works for me and keeps me motivated!

Quilter Kathy said...

I think I would really enjoy caravanning also... and I love rain storms!
Enjoy your hand stitching!

Tired Teacher said...

It's comforting to hear rain on the roof. I prefer a steady all day rain over a fast and furious rain. Gemma looks quite content in her spot.

Deb said...

Loving the stitchery on your Botanical quilt, it's nice to get in some stitching on a rainy day.