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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Sewing Day again

Was it only a month since our last club sewing day which didn’t happen?  Luckily it went ahead today as planned, and I joined a group of other Town and Country quilters for the day.  I was running late,  as first we had to collect my little car from the panel beaters.  What was wrong, you are probably wondering?  All right, I’ll admit it, I had a little accident some weeks ago, which happened like this.  I was at The Big Egg Company  purchasing some wonderful free range eggs and as I was exiting along the driveway, a big truck turned off the road and was heading straight towards me.  To give him more room I pulled over to the side of the drive, and boom, ended up in a ditch!  Of dear, luckily I could drive myself out of the hole, but the side of the car over the wheel became loose.  It’s all fixed now, but I certainly got a fright.

Enough of my confessions, what about our sewing day?  I had forgotten that the committee had decided to make these sewing days free for members  till the end of the year.  So that was a nice little bonus, I put my $5 note back in my wallet.  Margaret was busy pinning up a charily quilt when I arrived.  This one was an interesting arrangement of purples and greys, with a nice diagonal look to it.  She will be taking this home to machine quilt it.

Charity quilt all pinned and ready for quilting

Several of the ladies took turns helping with the club raffle quilt which will be raffled at our upcoming quilt exhibition.  Here Annette and Kath are pinning the cascading hexagons in place onto the machine quilted background.

Raffle quilt

Marjorie had plenty of help pinning out her baby quilt, it was a real team effort.  The quilt is so bright and happy looking, and I loved the stripy border fabric.  I learnt a new tip too, as I watched them use the edge of a large ruler to smooth out the top.  Much better than my method of clambering  over the layers on the floor and using my hands!

Marjorie’s baby quilt

Janneke loves hexagons,  and was busy stitching hers togethers.  This piece has three different shapes in it, she explained.  It needs to be about twice this size, she told me, so there will be lots more in the making, I expect.

Janneke’s hexagons

As for me, I was hand stitching the binding on a secret squirrel stitching project.  Here’s a small peek showing a butterfly on the back.

It’s still a secret

It’s always nice to join the ladies on a club stitching day, it’s fun to stitch and chat the day away.


Karen S said...

A very busy group. Lovely projects.

Janice said...

I always love seeing what the ladies are up to. I’m glad your little dingle was only minor, with not much harm done. It must be good to have your car all fixed again.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sorry you had a bit of car repair! that can be scary and then maddening when you know you need it fixed. Love the hexie star quilt that you share.

Julierose said...

that cascading hexagon piece is so lovely--and what a great idea using hexagons...just
so creative hugs, Julierose

Tired Teacher said...

Having access to large tables for sandwiching a quilt is MUCH better than crawling around on the floor. I need to remember the long ruler tip.

Judith nb Serena said...

Sorry to hear about your car mishap, glad you've got it back. What lovely quilts you've all been stitching, such a lot of talent.
Judith nb Serena

vintagerose said...

Hi Jenny oh dear your little accident sounded nerve wrecking,glad your car is fixed up now.
What a lot of beautiful work the ladies are doing,what a lovely sewing group ,hope you have a lovely Sunday my friend xx

Maria said...

It's fabulous when there are lots to help pin a quilt.
Great Hexie project and i look forward to seeing your secret squirrel project.