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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sew Wot Tuesday

It always amazes me just how quickly our Sew Wot mornings roll around.  We met at Moira’s home today, had a look at her new Archgola over the patio, then settled down inside.  There was not a great deal of stitching going on, but the knitting needles were clacking on the sofa, while Moira worked on her tapestry.

Heather, Carol and Moira

Heather proudly showed us her wonderful masterpiece, stitched in wool and felt onto a dark green hessian background.  The house patterns were from Carol, and the embellishments used were from her stash, with some special buttons gifted from Moira and Mary.  Each building was embellished with buttons, lace, and  embroidery stitches – so much detail had gone into making this.


Heather's Houses

There  was one other item for Show and Tell, a very pretty quilt made by Moira from mainly Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  The quilt had just come back from being commercially quilted.

Moira’s pretty quilt

Moira served us a lovely Morning Tea, commenting that she had made the fruit and nut slice from one of Jamie Oliver’s recipes from his TV programme.  We all thought it was absolutely delicious, so Moira kindly copied out the recipe for us all to try at home.  And Heather had brought along some fruit for us all from her country garden, many thanks for that. 

Another lovely morning, and all I managed to stitch was  a green leaf or two!  Never mind, it was great to catch up with the Sew Wot ladies again.


Maria said...

Always nice to see what your Sew Wot ladies have been making...
Lovely house 🏡 wall hanging and Moria's Quilt is nice and bright ...
The slice sounds delicious.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think the idea of morning tea or afternoon always sounds so nice and relaxing. When I used to meet with a group of quilters one morning a week no one ever wanted to do that - I thought it would be nice to take turns bringing a cake or something and we had a coffeepot at the facility we used to meet - but too many were concerned about their weight I guess and the idea wasn't welcome :(

FlourishingPalms said...

Hi Jenny! I've started following your blog through Bloglovin' and have been surprised that your blog photos are the only ones I am unable to see. I've even gone directly to your blog from the Internet (Google), and none of your photos appear - just a question mark. Just wanted to mention it, in case anyone else has conveyed that information to you. Linda

Tired Teacher said...

Heather's houses are quite lovely. I like how the embellishments add more life and character to the piece.

Julierose said...

It is so nice that you have this group to meet with, Jenny...it is so wonderful to have such friends with the same interests......hugs, Julierose

Janice said...

Your mornings always sound so enjoyable. Heather’s Houses is definitely a work of art. I think you could look at it for ages and see some extra little detail each time. Moira’s quilt is very pretty.