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Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Slow Saga of the Selvedge Bag

I’ve never been good at jigsaws, and I’m not much better at putting the pieces of my selvedge bag together.  This is in spite of having an illustration on how to lay out the diagonal pieces in rows with setting triangles at the end of each row.  What I got completely wrong was trying to fit the setting triangles onto each corner to square things up.  Mind you, the instructions had this step shown quite clearly, but I hadn’t read them thoroughly!

Finally, I got it all sorted out and started sewing the rows together.  As I got towards the end, I realised that some of my selvedge blocks were turned the wrong way.  You know what that means, lots of unpicking, just to turn those pesky little squares the right way round.  I wasn't quite ready to give up for the day, so stitched the ric rac over the seam lines, and stay stitched all those bias edges.

The body of the bag

Then today, I stitched the handles for the bag, and read through the instructions on how to add the lining.  That didn’t make much sense to me, so everything got put away, and I’ll have to study it again.  So that’s where my bag is at, still in pieces but definitely a step forward.

I’ve been sitting at the dining table doing a little hand quilting yesterday.  Although chilly outside, the sun was streaming in the window and it was very pleasant.  Our Birman cat Gemma decided that my empty quilting bag was just to her liking and settled down in it.  After all, she is probably thinking with her pussy cat brain, if I’m busy quilting, she can sit behind my chair and keep an eye on me.  Gemma likes to be close by.   

Gemma is helping with the quilting, so she thinks


Karen's Korner said...

Your bag is progressing nicely. Sometimes you need to just walk away and have a break.

Kate said...

Kudos to you for attempting this project - you must enjoy a challenge. :)

Julierose said...

Oh I am totally triangle (wherever they appear) challenged so empathize...but it's looking good now...Gemma looks so comfy....hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looking forward to seeing your bag when it is done - it looks interesting right now

Tired Teacher said...

Love the addition of the rick rack.

HEATHER B said...

the selvage placements look just super. annoying how something tiny can be overlooked and then you see it when you are ironing later. Gemma is your Gem. my fluffy fur ball just adores me sewing.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a cute bag that is going to be!! I also found inserting a lining a bit of a challenge the first few times. Have you watched some YouTube videos about the process? If not, that might help. Good luck!!

Janice said...

I’m glad you persevered with you selvedge blocks as they look great all laid out with their ric rac. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. How big are the squares and which magazine is the pattern in? I have a lot of selvedges saved, but have never used them. I like the idea of the smaller blocks to use up the shorter lengths.