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Monday, June 10, 2019

Welcome to Winter

Winter arrived on 1st June down here in New Zealand.  We were told by the weather experts that June would be a lot colder than the balmy days of May which we had been enjoying.  It’s time to change a couple of wall hangings in honour of the new season. First up is Welcome Winter, hanging just inside the main door.  We don’t have snow on the ground where we live, although the Tararua Ranges behind us often have a dusting of snow on the tops during winter.

Welcome Winter

First snow fall of the season

Hanging on the wall is my International Maple quilt, made from a block swap from around the world, and replacing my Autumn toned quilt.  I know that golden maples mean Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, but I’m using this as a Winter quilt because of the black background.

International Maples

And lastly, I changed the small wall hanging in the sewing room, replacing my High Tech Tucks (made goodness knows how many years ago), with Winter Quilt Festival.  This was a printed panel and I hand quilted around the design.

Winter Quilt Festival

So that’s my little salute to the change in season.  Hope you are all keeping cozy, or cool, wherever you live.


Julierose said...

Lovely Seasonal welcoming hangings...it almost feels like winter here this morning--
only 47 degrees!! That is really chilly for us in June--usually in the 70's!!
we have had a very colder than usual Spring.
hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Snow!!! I always get a kick out of seeing your snow at this time of the year when we are getting hot! but this week we are getting a break - the windows are open this morning and I hear the wind blowing through the trees and cool air coming in the house - we have a cold front this early week of June and it feels nice after the humidity of last week.

Maria said...

Gorgeous winter well hangings you've hung ... the maple leaves 🍁 is a great memory quilt for you

Tired Teacher said...

As of last week it was still snowing in my area. Spring snowstorms are pretty typical, but I am beyond weary of snow and cold temperatures. I love all of your Winter quilts and wallhangings.

Janice said...

Your winter quilts look great. I love the idea of seasonal quilts on the walls. Something I say I must do one day.......just not sure when that will be. We had snow around our area last week too. Winter has definitely arrived. Stay warm.