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Sunday, June 2, 2019

A Little Hand Quilting

A four day weekend away with caravan club friends – what could be nicer?  To be truthful the weather could have been much  nicer, but then, the season has just clicked over to Winter on 1st June.  After a long and very mild Autumn, Winter has arrived with a vengeance.  Winds strong enough to buffet the caravan, torrential rain, and low temperatures.  Thank goodness for fluffy winter sheets on the bed, and warm socks and slipper to keep our toes warm inside!  My quilting bag was packed, so I’ve been tucked up inside doing a little hand quilting today.

My Pumpkin Bag, made long ago

I’m working on my New Zealand Botanical quilt – perhaps I’ll find a nicer name for it sooner or later.  During the week at home I finished quilting the first block of nine, pohutukawa flowers.  This tree is also known as the New Zealand Christmas tree, as it flowers over Christmas, in our Summer.

Pohutukawa block

Quilting block number two in the caravan

Of course, Gemma came away with us as well.  She is quite at home in the caravan, and spent some time yesterday watching the rain drops run down the front window.  Otherwise she likes to curl up somewhere for a snooze.  On the bed with the sun streaming in the window suits her admirably.  Looks like the rain has finally gone away, although those strong cold winds are still hanging around.

Snoozing in the sun shine

We are currently staying at the Manawatu Caravan Club grounds, which have many static caravans and their club members often come out for weekends.  We have got to know Pam whose unit is not far from where our caravan club vans are.  Pam is an ex- breeder of Birman cats, and a Show Official at cat shows.  She knew we had previously lost our elderly cat Muffy, so I popped over to ask if she would like to come and meet our new baby. 

Pam with Gemma

Gemma couldn’t get enough of cuddling up with Pam, who told us she “had a good shaped head”, for show purposes, so that is nice to know.  As Gemma is maturing she is developing “golden hues” on her back, which is also a desirable feature of the breed, Pam remarked.  Not that we are going to show her, Gemma was purchased as a pet, and she is a real delight.

In between the showers we took a quick trip down to Foxton Beach, which is only a stone’s throw from the camp.  There were a few hardy souls out for a brisk beach walk, with the wind surely blowing any cobwebs away.

Foxton Beach

Let's hope those strong winds abate before we tow the caravan home tomorrow.  Monday is a public holiday here, Queen's Birthday, so the roads may well be rather busy.  Luckily it is a reasonably short trip to get back home.


Michelle Ridgway said...

Shame about the weather. But you did look very cosy quilting away. Your quilting looks lovely. It's going to be a beautiful quilt xx

Julierose said...

Too bad about the weather on your trip...it's been rainy and foggy and windy here, too. We did have a brief morning spell where we sat out and had coffee...but then Mr. Weather lowered the boom!! Working on my hexagons...hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like Gemma is enjoying her cuddles - too bad the weather is so chilly!

Tired Teacher said...

You have a nice location to stitch in your caravan, and you look quite comfy. I didn't realize that Gemma is nearly full grown. I'm used to photos of her snoozing, but seeing her in Pam's arms shows her size much clearer. Nice to know she has some good "show" characteristics. Have a safe trip home.

Raewyn said...

In spite of the weather it seems that you enjoyed your weekend away - and a great excuse to make some progress on your Botanicals quilt. (I love it every time I see it, but I think you now that already!) Nice for you to hear such good things about Gemma; she really does look at home in your caravan.

Janice said...

Your quilting is setting the stitcheries off nicely. I’m sure Gemma was lapping up all those cuddles and praise from Pam. The weather has turned wintery here too. What heating do you have in the van? Just electric or do you have a gas or diesel heater as well?

JanineMarie said...

Quilting in a caravan looks like great fun, whatever the weather!