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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Kowhai Circlet

I put the finishing stitches in my Kowhai Circlet block today.  This is number three of the nine botanical blocks I plan to make.  Designed as applique patterns by the very talented Jenny Hunter for the New Zealand Quilter magazine, I have decided to do my blocks as stitcheries.

Kowhai Circlet block

Regarded by most New Zealanders as our national flower, Kowhai are among the most beautiful of our flowering trees.   They produce tubular flowers that are around 3-5 cm long and are a favourite of tui, bellbirds and silvereyes who feed on the nectar. Once established, they flower over a long period in late winter and early spring. The flowers are bright gold yellow – hence the name, which means “yellow” in Maori.

Tui  in a kowhai tree


Tired Teacher said...

Well done! Finishing three blocks on your busy holiday is impressive.

Anonymous said...

Lovely embroidery and lovely photo

Janice said...

How good to tick another block off. It looks lovely. Thanks for sharing the flower in real life.

Karen S said...

Gorgeous block. And thanks for the info about the flower, too.