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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Last few Days on Holiday

It’s hard to believe that our loooong South Island holiday is almost at an end.  We are currently at our last stop, Koromiko, for two days before we board the Interisland Ferry.  And I’m relaxing outside doing a little afternoon stitching.  This is a nice roomy place to camp, and the property is surrounded with huge Totara trees, one of our beautiful native trees.  The bird song is amazing, and so nice to listen to as I’m sitting outside under the sun shade.
As far as stitching goes, I’ve started on another New Zealand botanical block.  But I’m feeling all “stitched out” on these and have put it aside for a while.  I had planned it as a long term stitchery project, after all, so it doesn't matter if I put it aside for a while.

Another botanical bock

Instead, I’m doing a little hand quilting on my Winter Quilt Festiva panel, for a change.

Winter Quilt Festival

I’m pleased the weather has warmed up again. Over the last few days when we were staying at Blenheim the rain came down and the ground was just a mud bath – not nice at all to slosh through.  There was a washing machine available so I did a load this morning and brought it with me to hang up here.  So that makes me a happy camper indeed.  There is nothing nicer than laundry drying in the sun shine, is there?

Drying in the sun shine

Most of the places we have been staying at have a “Swap a Book” area, where you recycle your books or magazines and pick up something new to read.  Here the books are housed in an old fridge, which appears to be plugged into a power point on the tree.  Many visitors are fooled by this, we have been told, and some have been seen trying to plug their appliances into the power point!

It’s a trick, of course

We will be enjoying our last couple of days on holiday, and then we will be aboard the Cook Strait ferry on Saturday.  And it goes without saying that we are hoping for a nice smooth crossing.


Janice said...

Enjoy your restful day before you head home. We enjoy the book exchanges we have come across and always carry a few finished books to swap over. The lucky dip side of it is fun. We have come across a couple of good new authors that way. Your quilt is looking lovely and the hand quilting will really set it off.

Tired Teacher said...

Few things smell better than laundry dried in the sunshine. Just thinking about that brings back wonderful memories.

The book swap refrigerator is great fun.

JanineMarie said...

Stitching outside sounds divine! The books in the fridge looks like fun. (Love the note on the door). We have Little Free Libraries that are set up here and there as little wooden cabinets on posts. I always wonder how the books come through bad weather. That fridge looks weather-proof!

Karen S said...

It doesn't hurt to take a break from a project and try another. Keeps you fresh.
Love the fridge as a library. there are so many of these popping up all around the world. I think it is such a fun idea.
Enjoy the sunshine.

Deb said...

Nice start on the botanical block, I love little free libraries and have actually given some thought to putting one in the front of my house. Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

The refrigerator book storage is a clever idea, though I expect some regulation or other here would prevent its use for that. I liked where your trailer was parked - it looked as if you had the whole place to yourself! Every time I read your trips, I really miss being on the road. =) Your happy camper pillow is great!

SuperMomNoCape said...

Both of your projects are really pretty. It's good to have some long term projects that you can just take a relaxed view towards working on.

I'm late getting around to visiting everyone but I wanted to pop by to thank you for linking up to March's Stitchery Link Party.