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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Holiday Project – Finished

It’s a bit sad, isn’t it.  Here we are, mid March, and I’ve  only just completed my first finish for the year.   But….. to be truthful, we have barely arrived back home after our long caravan trip away, exploring the South Island of New Zealand.   I prepared umpteen memory blocks using New Zealand themed fabric and packed them way with my Pigma pen.  As we toured around for 10 weeks or so I diligently used the patches as a type of fabric diary, writing each evening on the plain cream squares where we had stayed, places we had explored, and attractions visited.  During the week I started assembling the blocks, and finally completed all the rows.


After a lot of pinning and stitching the top was together, and the borders added.  Luckily I had enough of the smudgy green fabric for the borders, with just a little strip left over.

The top is done

But we all know that the job isn't over till the top is quilted.  This is going to be used as a table cloth, I decided, so I used light pellon as the batting.  The quilting was simple, with some stitch in the ditch to hold it all together.


Once again, I was fortunate to have just enough of one of the New Zealand themed fabrics to use as the binding, hand stitching the back edge down while Robin was engrossed in a rugby game on TV last night.  A few extra patches were utilised on the back.  And here it is, finally finished.


The completed table cloth

There are lots of lovely fabrics used, showcasing our native birds.  The kiwi, fantail, kereru, and the world’s only alpine parrot, the kea.  Then there are trees and ferns, kaka beak flowers, and the  crimson pohutakawa blossoms, which appear in summer, giving this tree the name of the New Zealand Christmas Tree.

The inspiration for this design was taken from my book Triangle-Free Quilts, by Judy Hopkins, using the pattern, Spruce Root Basket.


Looking back, it seems that making this type of holiday memory quilt is getting to be a habit, and this is the second quilt I have made to commemorate travelling around the South island. We had a three month trip in 2012 and the result of that trip was a Rail Fence memory quilt.  Read my earlier blog about the quilt here

South Island Traveling Rail Fence, 2012


Maria said...

Hi Jenny,
You have kept very busy since your return home...The memory Quilt looks fantastic on the table. Great finish.

Tired Teacher said...

Congratulations on a fabulous finish! The tablecloth looks great and preserves a lot of wonderful memories. You're a clever lady to have created two travel log quilt projects!

Karen S said...

This is a fantastic finish. It has come together so well and the green border is perfect. It looks delightful on your table.

Nancy J said...

Super finish, and it looks so good on your table. How hard it is to come back to normal after being in the south. Did you notice how many people , almost everyone, roll their "R's" ?.

sewyouquilt2 said...

Fabulous finish. So pretty

Chris said...

Very pretty! It will be a wonderful keepsake.

Kate said...

Fabulous keepsake, Jenny, and a brilliant idea!

Michelle Ridgway said...

I just love your quilt Jenny....wonderful memories and such a beautiful keepsake xx

Janice said...

It has turned out beautifully. I can just see you sitting at the table reading your "diary". It would be fun to have out when you have visitors.

Stephanie said...

Love your table cloth, really pretty!

NickiJ said...

Wow. this is one stunning quilt. So beautiful and you get to read it each day at the breakfast table. I love all the kiwiana fabrics you chose. Such a beautiful way to incorporate your wonderful South Island trip. You must be really happy with such a neat quilt.

Raewyn said...

I missed this post! What a beautiful finish and a great memory quilt..what fun you will have recalling memories as you sit at the table each day (when you are home that is!) I'm keen to remember this idea for my travels!