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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gift Swapping Day

It was time to swap the Christmas gifts – we won’t be seeing the family on Christmas Day.  So they were loaded into the car  boot and off we went.


It doesn’t really matter how old the grand-daughters get, they are still excited about Christmas.  And there is nothing wrong with that, is there?  We took the parcels inside and arranged them around the tree.  She commented that that big brown parcel with her name on it looks like a cushion – she will get a surprise when she opens it on Christmas Day to discover her horse quilt inside!

Emma is waiting for Christmas to arrive

Both girls are good cooks and Emma had a batch of decadent Chocolate Brownies in the oven – what a lovely chocolatey smell was wafting around! And a batch of chocolate peppermint fudge in the fridge too.  After lunch we had to go and say hello to Fire Dancer, Emma’s pride and joy.  She was just like a proud parent as she told us all the good points about her foal. 

Robin feeding Fire Dancer a carrot

We spent a lovely day with them, and came home with pressies and a bag of that delicious fudge.


Nancy J said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for all. So glad to see Robin out there looking so well.

Kate said...

Merry Christmas Jenny & Robin!

Raewyn said...

It does sound like a good day :-) Merry Christmas!!