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Monday, December 26, 2016

Dressed in my Christmas Apron

For an apron lover like me, it stands to reason that I would have a special Christmas one tucked away, doesn’t it.  I made one for myself and another for my daughter several years ago, and mine gets trotted out at this time of year.  I had just a few last minute things to do for our Christmas lunch.


Our traditional Christmas breakfast is always hot croissants with ham and cheese.  The small hard frozen croissants magically increase in size as they thaw.   When cooked, we filled them with ham sliced off the bone, added cheese, and popped the back into the oven.

Our Christmas breakfast

We had a delicious pork loin cooked to perfection on our Weber BBQ.  Tender meat, crisp crackling, what could be nicer.  And it smelt divine!

Pork loin cooked on the BBQ

Friends Dot and Derek joined us for lunch, and we had a wonderful meal indeed, with Dot bringing along contributions for the meal.  That tasty pork, a little crackle, roast veggies, Yorkshire Puddings, cauli and broccoli au gratin, fresh peas and beans was a wonderful meal indeed.  Followed by a glass or two of bubbly.  We were so full but managed to eat some Christmas Pudding and custard after a little while.

We made phone calls to family and friends, the grand-daughters sent copious snap chat photos on the cell phone, and later in the day Robin’s brother and family joined us for a while too.  It was a wonderful day, and so nice and relaxing with no travel involved.

Grand-daughter Emma sent a snap chat of her new quilt

Best wishes to everyone, and here's hoping for a safe, happy and healthy New Year.  Some of us have had a bumpy ride with health issues in 2016, so we want to put all that behind us and start out afresh.  We will be away in the caravan shortly, and hopefully I'll get a little stitching done, read a book or two, do a little travelling and catch up with friends.  


Janice said...

It sounds like you Christmas couldn't have been better.

Kate said...

Sounds and looks wonderful Jenny!

Nancy J said...

Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, we odlies...oops, meant OLDIES... have to keep up with the young ones, and what a delight to get that message. Hope for you both for a smooth 2017, no hiccups, and Jenny, so many thanks for your loving and lovely phone call this morning. Have a wonderful few days away, safe travel, and when we are all well might just get a chance to catch up at your place or ours.

Maria said...

Just a perfect Christmas Jenny..great photo of your GD showing her quilt.

NickiJ said...

The magic of instagram on Christmas day eh! Sure hope your granddaughter knows how lucky she was to receive her special quilt. It's quite rewarding to see their faces eh.