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Sunday, December 4, 2016

This week I’ve……….

One of my Sew Wot buddies quietly mentioned that I had hadn’t “rolled the dice” to see which UFO I would be working on this week.  No, I had to admit, I hadn’t.  So just what had I been doing all week, I wondered?  A 60s Up Christmas meeting on Monday morning, followed by joining in my quilt club stitching day in the afternoon.  There was a medical appointment on Tuesday morning in Palmerston North, followed by meeting friends for lunch,  followed by a visit to see the Dinosaur Exhibition at the museum.  Wednesday was just as busy with my sewing group Sew Wots Christmas lunch, followed by a friends retirement BBQ in the evening – phew, another hectic day. And we had another Christmas get-together all day on Thursday with a group of friends.  Friday was free, but I’m sure I had shopping, laundry, and a spot of cleaning to do that day.

All the Love of Christmas

Instead of sitting at the sewing machine this weekend (although I did finish stitching down the binding on the horse quilt) the pair of us have been busy putting the Christmas decorations up, hanging quilts, and just a few lights.  This always starts with a trip up to the loft climbing a narrow set of pull down stairs to retrieve the Christmas crates.  Robin isn’t bothered by this excursion, but I’m always careful where I put my feet so I don’t trip and fall.  We don’t have a lot of Christmas “Stuff”, compared to some, just a few crates, but it’s always nice to welcome back the items which have been packed away all year.  Such as my collection of Jim Shore figures, sent to me over the years by my pen friend Carol, in South Dakota.

Jim Shore snowmen

Carol also sent me this gorgeous collection of Christmas Mice, sent one piece at a time for Christmas over the years.  I love them, they just so cute!

Christmas Mice

As I don’t have so many places to hang quilts here as I did in our previous house, I have to rotate them.  This year I’ve put one up in the bathroom – down came my little fish quilt to be replaced by birds.  This lovely Robin Redbreast quilt was a gift from Rose in UK – looks like a sparrow sneaked in amongst the robins.

Red Robins for Christmas

Things are all Christmassy and sparking inside.  My village snow scene is twinkling away, as is the small fibre optic tree, and  Robin has strung a set of lights along the top of the windows.  We celebrate Christmas in summer down here in New Zealand, but we still like to see Christmas lights, it just takes a lot longer to get dark enough so they show up!

We don’t have Christmas snow in New Zealand

So that’s been my busy week – and I’m sure others as just as busy in the lead up to Christmas. 


Nancy J said...

You are a long way ahead of me, nothing Christmassy here yet.

Janice said...

Most important to put up the Christmas decorations. We have been doing the same.

Maria said...

Nice you have put out your chrissy decorations haven't done mine yet...

Raewyn said...

Nice to see you getting into the Chrstmas spirit with your decorating... I'm hoping to get to that next weekend...

Unknown said...

We put up our decorations after our Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. We had almost 5 inches of snow today! We are ready for Christmas!!!

HEATHER B said...

lovely sew wots catch up and some more projects for 2017. Its been lovely following your creative journey and look forward to your next ufo catch up. Christmas cheer. Heather B

Anonymous said...

Yes, your go, go, go sounds a lot like mine. I've been to the dentist - one more trip next week - to the eye doctor and to the regular doctor - all done for a while. LOL And socializing takes SO much time, but friends are definitely worth it. =) Love seeing your Christmas decorating! Cute little bird quilt. You've been lucky with your friends, too!