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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Trees and a trip to Hospital

I love the annual “Avenue of Trees” held at the Salvation Army Hall – It’s so lovely to see the many trees on show decorated by schools, local clubs and businesses.  I took a non quilting friend with me for her first experience in seeing this lovely event.   We took our entry fee of a food item for the Food bank, such a good idea, entered a free raffle to win a Christmas tree, collected our voting forms and stepped into wonderland.

I rather liked “Tooth Fairies”, the tree decorated by Queen Street Dental Centre, and the little fairies on the tree entered by Creative Minds was delightful.

Two which caught my fancy

Somewhere in the melee was a tree from my quilt club, Town and Country Quilters.  And there it was, “Hand Made with Love” hung with lovely hand made decorations.

Hand Made with Love, by Town and Country Quilters

We walked around a second time, made our vote for Viewers Choice, and stopped to admire the band members playing outside the door – a lovely way to get into the Christmas Spirit.

Salvation Army Band

About that trip to hospital – it wasn’t me this time.  Robin had been feeling off colour for several days, so I rang the doctor’s surgery to hopefully get an urgent appointment.  But when I mentioned “chest pain” they insisted I ring 111 for an ambulance – so I did.  The ambulance arrived very promptly, checked him out and then whisked him away, leaving me to follow in the car.  Sad and upset, and wondering what news would await me.

The Emergency Department staff were wonderful, and soon had him hooked up to monitors, took blood, doctors and nurses came and went, and later in the day he was sent upstairs to the Assessment Ward.  After a very noisy and interrupted overnight stay, he was then sent for a treadmill Stress Test. The good news is that he didn’t suffer a heart attack, and there was no sign of angina, so the chest pain was unexplained.  We are so grateful for the medical care received, and realise, that had his heart been damaged as first thought, we could well be facing quite a different Christmas altogether.

As Robin says – he has passed his Warrant of Fitness, and has a document to prove it!
  This came calling and whisked him away


Kate said...

Jenny, I'm so pleased for you and Robin that all was well - it's good news indeed.

Nancy J said...

Jenny, I think Robin just want to keep up with " Mrs McK"!! So glad he is in the clear. And I , too, am so thankful for all the wonderful care we get. No more of that Robin, stay well.

Raewyn said...

That must have been quite a frightening time for you both...so it's good to hear Christmas can go ahead as planned! The Avenue of Trees is a great idea - like that it's combining a fundraiser too - sounds like a fabulous way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Katie said...

SO relieved to hear Robin is fine. Of course it would be nice for you to know why he was under the weather. I hope it’s just an anomaly and he won’t be bothered again. Happy Christmas to you both!! :-)

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Good for Robin. What a relief to have such a good overall result. Those specialized workers are so wonderful aren't they? It gives such confidence to have them arrive and take over. But oddly, this is the third blogging friend requiring an ambulance this week! And my own mother last Sunday was whisked to the hospital in one where she got diagnosed with dehydration and a UTI; after meds and three days she is home and feeling fine enough to well celebrate her 83rd bd on Monday. But she gave us all a start. Anyway, what a great do to collect food for the Food Bank. Love the trees.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Oh dear, a worrying time. Glad all is well.

Maria said...

Oh no that would be very scary for you both. Sew pleased Robin and okay and you can enjoy your Christmas 🎄

Lots of beautiful decorated treees and a great idea to donate a food item as entry?

Jenny said...

Thank you all for your kind comments - it was a very worrying time indeed when he went off to hospital in the ambulance. His heart has now had a thorough check and was declared in good working order, with no damage. Seems the pain was related to his hiatus hernia and reflux.

We are very thankful for the care receivd by the ambulance and hospital staff.

Sandra said...

OMGosh Jenny I am so glad that all is OK with Robin.
Always scarey when the other half is unwell, we have had a number of visits for both of us over the years and it shows us how precious life is
Love to you both this Christmas season