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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Stars and Nine Patches

The “roll of the dice” brought up UFO number 5 this week, and I just might be able to do a little sewing as well as diving head first into the rush and bustle of pre-Christmas stress.  My swap blocks of Christmas stars and nine patches come out to play this week – to be fitted in around two Chrissie functions and various appointments.  It’s all go in our house again this week.

The dice rolls 5

I took part in two internet block swaps some time ago, and received exciting packages in the mail containing these colourful blocks. 


As both the swaps were in Christmas fabrics I decided to use the blocks together in a small Christmas quilt.  And this is how many blocks I had stitched together last time I’d worked on this UFO, so the top is starting to take shape.

Four rows stitched last time then packed away

So with a bit more time spent pinning the remaining blocks in rows and stitching them together, the top was finally assembled. Wonder what I was thinking of – I forgot to take a photo at this stage.  Next step was the border, nothing too fancy, I decided.  I chose a smudgy dark green plus a narrow cream and red print for the inner border.  All cut and stitched, waiting to be applied.

Border fabrics

With some measuring and plenty of pinning, the borders were finally applied. 

Attaching the borders



Mmm, doesn’t look too bad, does it.   I’m not really a “scrappy” person, but I love how all the different festive fabrics look so nice together.  That’s the top done, although I have to say it won’t be getting quilted this side of Christmas.  If I have enough time, I’ll try to get it pinned up, ready for quilting for later.  We’ll have to see how I go – things are rather hectic in the pre-Christmas countdown!


Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Jenny, That's a lovely little scrappy Christmas quilt. I really like your narrow yellow border with the larger green one. It's great that you were able to put all of those blocks together.

Nancy J said...

I like it, two borders gives a lovely finish. My secret sewing was posted Monday a.m. then in the afternoon everything declined to a shaking, high blood pressure emergency. The lovely men in green, and a trainee nurse arrived so fast, off to E.D. and kept in overnight, after so many tests, chest X-Ray and ECG. Nothing could be found that was positive, so home again. Taking life very slowly.

Kate said...

It's a charming quilt, Jenny, well done!

Janice said...

You did well to do any stitching at this time of year. The stars and nine patches work really well together. Hopefully a Christmas quilt in time for next Christmas.

Maria said...

Jenny your swap blocks look fabulous together... well done.

TheEclecticAbuela said...

That is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Not bad? It's terrific! I AM a scrappy person, and I love it!

Ariane said...

It looks amazing!

Marie said...

Love your idea of rolling the die to see what you'll be working on! And it looks like your choice was a timely one - those blocks came together beautifully and your borders are the perfect finishing touch. It looks so Christmassy!

NickiJ said...

Did the blocks come from the same person? Do you get to keep the quilt now it is made or have to send it to the sender who gave you the blocks? The swap idea sounds great.