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Monday, November 7, 2016

Treasures from Firth Tower Museum

There’s something about linen and clothing from earlier times.  All that beautiful work, painstaking stitched by hand from colonial times, when women really did have such busy lives.  I really admire all that beautiful work, and got to see some at the Firth Tower Museum recently.  Both the homestead and an adjoining  cottage had rooms furnished as they would have been, and cabinets full of lovely things.

Colonial bedroom with yo-yo bedspread

Hand made lace

Children’s bedroom with quilts on the beds

The old mangle and water pump reminds us how physical domestic life was back in those days.  And make us appreciate all of our modern labour saving devices.


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Nancy J said...

I didn't know that was in Matamata, and yes, how hard it must have been, my Mum started with a copper, and 2 tubs, and a hand wringer. I think she finally had an electric washer when I was about 14 or so. Hope you are having good weather, very wet, and quite windy here. Max is slowly improving, I have been told cat flu can take weeks!!! I might need some patience pills by then, as all doors and windows are shut, the other 2 are in and out " ON demand" !!