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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Roll the Dice Thursday

Where has this week gone, I wonder?  It’s Thursday, and I’ve only just got around to rolling the dice to see what UFO I’m working on this week.  Monday was spent machining the binding on my horse quilt, after I had dealt with lots of laundry.  Tuesday – spent the morning with the Sew Wot ladies, and then started pinning and hand stitching the binding down.  Wednesday – out and about purchasing fresh fruit and veggies from the market gardens, a trip to the library, then on to the supermarket. And so the days rush by.

And today, Thursday, I finally get to roll the dice, and the number stops at 6.  A quick check on my List of Six reminds me that this UFO is a set of place mats and an apron made from a New Zealand inspired fabric featuring cute retro caravans.  I had a piece of this fabric left over after making a memory quilt for Pauline after her husband Geoff passed away.  They were keen caravanners too and travelled with us on our South Island Odyssey a few years ago. Read about the quilt here.

Caravan fabric originally used on memory quilt

UFO number six saw the light of day early in the month just before we took our trip up to Hamilton.  And I had made a start by stitching  all the bits I’d previously cut out and pinned – straps for the apron, and started to assemble the pieces for the place mats.   Looking through my scraps, I’ve now decided to make a double handed oven cloth as well, to use up the last of the little bits of caravan fabric.

Assorted bits cut, stitched and pressed

I’m spending an hour or so at the sewing machine this morning, stitching this bit and that bit together.  And getting into a bit of a mess as I’m using sacking for the outside of the oven cloth, and strands of that gets everywhere. 


It’s almost time to switch the sewing machine off, as I’m “out to lunch” shortly with friends from our village.  But every little bit helps, and I’m planning on getting a bit more stitching done over the weekend, all going well.


Glenda said...

Hi Jenny every time I open your page I smile when I see your beautiful cat. You have been busy this week, lovely to see some one making oven cloths with sacking backing they are the best, I use to make those in NZ to, I never see them over here in OZ Hugs Glenda

Jenny said...

Sounds like you have had a busy week, love the way you are using up the caravan fabric, Jenny

Janice said...

This should be a nice quick finish and a handy addition to your caravan.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

As usual, your Sew Wot ladies have a lovely array of stitched projects. Always fun to see what they are all up to. Your Thursday project with its very cute material is moving along. Yes, life...it's surprising how busy the retired life can be!

Jenny said...

I hope to get these caravan items finished this weekend, then I can cross them off my list!