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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Happy Days in Hamilton

It was like stepping through the doors into the TV programme Happy Days.  Patrons sat at red chrome Formica tables, posters of singers graced the walls, and the music playing was all 50s and 60s that I knew and loved.  All the music that I grew up with, dancing rock’n’roll in my full skirts  and stiff petticoats as I did in my teenage years! Where was the Fonz?

We were having lunch at Classic Car Museum in Hamilton.  Easily found, just look for the car atop a tall pole as you drive along.

Parked outside the Classics Museum

Our lunches were great, fancy burger for him, and a huge plate of mushrooms on toast for her.  Washed down with an ice-cream soda each.  That certainly took me back to my time of attending Youth Club dances on Sunday afternoons.  Sodas were just the thing then, although we called them “spiders”.

Mushrooms on toast and an ice cream soda

And look who I found over by the jukebox.  My favourite, Elvis.  Perhaps I can dream I’m 16 again and Elvis is singing just for me?

Me and Elvis, just hanging out together


Nancy J said...

Those were all good days Jenny, hardly any crime, safe when walking down any street at any time, leaving cars and doors unlocked. And Elvis, go gal, enjoy the company right there.!!!

Kate said...

"those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end ...." Looks and sounds like a wonderful outing, Jenny!

Maria said...

Just love travelling around NZ with you.. sew many great things to see.