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Monday, October 17, 2016

Update – and my new List of Six

Our Aussie Adventure holiday is now a distant memory, and we have been home a couple of weeks now.  So it is time to get serious, and start stitching again.  How else will I get through all my UFOs?

But first, an update.  My grand-daughter’s horse quilt (previously number 5 on the list)  is now in the care of Paula, of Rabbit’s Patch Quilting, for her to work her magic on it.  I’m gifting this quilt to Emma for Christmas.

And number 1, the quilt for our caravan, the top is completed and this will have to wait it’s turn with being commercially quilted too.  I find big bed quilts just too much for me to quilt on my domestic machine.

So with two numbers off the list, I’ve had to look around to see what I would like to replace them with.  I like to have a variety of both big and smaller projects to work on.  So…… without further ado, my new list is:

No 1:   Animal ABC quilt - new to the list.
No 2:   Stitchery Bag.
No 3:   Winter Welcome Wall-hanging.
No 4:   Candlewick quilt
No 5:   Christmas Stars and Nine Patches – another new addition to the list.
No 6:   Caravan Placemats and Apron.

So there we have it.  Two new additions, I’ve previously worked on No 2 and No 4 from the list, and although No 3 and No 6 have been on the list a little while, their number has not yet come up.

My current List of Six projects, waiting for the roll of the dice

And the winner this week is………..number 4, my candle wick quilt.  There are nice big blocks in this, so hopefully it won't take me too long to get the top together.  Mind you, my social calendar is fairly full this week, so I had better get on with it.


Nancy J said...

I do like the projects all lined up. Where is the dice??? I have started the Autumn Jubilee 2016, with maple leaves and now a pumpkin to add. I didn't think I had enough batiks, but there are still a lot, a HUGE lot left in their boxes.Fine, warm and sunny here, a good day after some with rain or drizzle all day.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Another wonderful array of quilting projects, Jenny. I can't wait to see how each takes shape.

Janice said...

Good to see that you have taken up your challenge again. Good luck with your candlewick quilt.