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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Two Birthdays to celebrate at Sew Wots

There were two October birthdays to celebrate this month amongst our Sew Wot ladies, Heather E (our hostess for the morning) and myself.  By the time I arrived Heather was surrounded by birthday gifts, so I added mine to the pile.  From what I could see, Heather received lots of lovely fabric – what better gift for a quilter?

Heather E opening her birthday gifts

Heather also had a huge pile of quilt magazines she was culling, and encouraged one and all to take some home, and no, she didn’t want them back.  I know what she means, magazines seem to have a mind of their own and must multiply when left alone.  I came home with a nice big pile of Quilters Newsletter magazines – plus a few others.  Although I don’t buy it now, Quilters Newsletter was the first quilting magazine which I subscribed to, when I first started patchwork and quilting.  Oh, the excitement when it arrived each month in my letterbox!

Lots of happy reading here

There were only six of us meeting today, sadly two of our ladies are not well, while Carol is on an exciting overseas trip.  Helen was doing some baby knitting and proudly showed off her lovely new knitting bag.  It was a gift from Mary, who had found some amazing fabric printed with words all to do with knitting.

Helen and her new knitting bag

Meanwhile Mary was embroidering a dressing table set.  This was a project she had forgotten about – a  Semco kit tucked away in a drawer.  With the crocheted edges done earlier, it won’t take her too long to complete this set.

Mary and her embroidery

Heather B was busy too, adding embroidery to her crazy patch project.  There she is, hiding behind her work – she is not usually so shy!

Heather B and her crazy patch block

Both Heather B and I had to leave early, for hospital appointments.  But not before we had enjoyed morning tea and home made pikelets with jam, yummy.

I received a lovely lot of gifts too – thank you everyone.  A great selection of fabric, pins and a pin cushion, padded clothes hanger, and a pretty embroidered bag.  Wasn’t I a lucky birthday girl!

My birthday gifts


Nancy J said...

Happy Birthday Jenny, a great way to join in with others, up here some drizzle, garden and walkway projects going on, autumn leaves are saved for the Friday project in case I need more, secret sewing all done.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

What a lovely clutch of Birthday goodies.
Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. Oh how I used to love them. Did you know they have stopped printing them? Another victim of the Internet.
Are you still planning to come by on the 5th?

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Jenny.