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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hello, again

It was like meeting up with an old friend again.  We were having afternoon tea at our friends Helen and Calvin’s home and what did I see folded over the couch?  It was a raggy quilt I had made for Helen several years ago when  she was going through a bad patch with her health.  So of course I had to pick the quilt up, have a good look at it, remembering all the different fabrics I had used – and say hello again, to my handiwork.

Hearts for Helen

Hearts for Helen (finished May 2011) was made with alternate black and white squares, with a few dark red hearts appliqued on a white background.  Backed with a nice warm red polar fleece, it is a good sized lap quilt.  I certainly remember snipping all those seams to give it that raggy look. 

Helen told me it is always on one or the other of the couches.  She feels that if someone (that’s me) went to all that trouble to make her such a lovely gift, it deserves to be used and kept out on show and not hidden away in a cupboard somewhere.  What a lovely sentiment – it is so nice to make a quilt for someone who really appreciates it and uses it!


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

I love it when people use the quilts I give them. I'd rather a quilt be loved to death than be put away.

Jenny said...

So true - it's nice for our work to be appreciated, isn't it!

Janice said...

That is a feel good story

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Isn't train travel just the best! What a wonderful trip you had and there really is no place like home, is there? Love the change over in your wall quilts to match the season and imagine seeing your work at a friend's house. All good things, Jenny.