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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Town and Country Quilters October Club Night

It was certainly a busy night.  There were visitors from the local Rotary group who told us about their charity house project, where they design, build and auction a house with the proceeds going to charity.  Town and Country Quilters wished to donate one of our charity quilts to go with colour scheme of the new home, and the Rotary executive chose one from our (small) selection of finished quilts.  This was presented at club night.

Quilt donated to Rotary House Project

Jo Dixey was our speaker for the evening, and what a .lively and passionate young woman she is.  She was born and grew up in the UK, with a sketch book always close to hand.  She started her formal training as an 18 year old apprentice at the Royal School of Needlework for 3 years, and then embarked on a City and Guilds course.  Then she moved to New Zealand, and works in her chosen field, teaching needlework and working on commissions. 

She also discovered quilting a little later, and enjoys doing both crafts.  Curves and needle turn applique feature in her quilts.  The quilt below, called Vodka Cruiser, is making a social statement, and is composed of Drunkard’s Path blocks with the appliqued figure of a young girl.  Jo is concerned with the out of control drinking habits of some young New Zealand girls, and the easy access to alcohol.

Vodka Cruiser

Jo’s parting words were is to just let your creativity happen.  She feels very blessed to be able to make her living doing what she loves.

Just two examples of Jo Dixey’s exquisite needlework

Our President Lynne thanked all members for all their help at running our quilt show the previous weekend.  Prizes were awarded to the Challenge quilt winners, and for the quilts which won Viewers Choice.  The two quilts which I liked best, came in first and second – does that mean I have excellent taste?

Winner of Viewers Choice at the quilt show –  Other People’s Dreams, by Griet Lombard

Runner Up Viewer’s Choice, Floriason Rouge, by Sandra Collins

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Nice quilts! Love the Vodka Cruiser♥