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Friday, June 3, 2016

What’s a little subterfuge amongst friends

It was a first time visit from Jean and Hugh to our home, although we had previously called in to see them several times for a cuppa and chat when staying at the caravan park in their home town.  Jean (who writes her blog All Points of the Compass) was fabric shopping in  Levin she told me, and wondered if I would be home that day.  “Certainly, come for lunch”, I replied.  So they did.

Unbeknown to me, because of my recent health scare, Jean had been in touch with several blogger friends we have in common, and came bearing gifts.  Robin knew all about this little act of subterfuge, but had been sworn to secrecy.  What a lovely surprise.

Jean and Hugh came with bags of goodies

Mmm, what was in the blue bag, packed full of interesting little parcels?  All sorts of goodies, as it turned out.  Jean’s friend and house guest Joyce, whom I had met a couple of times, had sent a lovely bottle of Anti Stress Shower Gell – that will come in handy to calm the frayed nerves.  Thanks so much Joyce.  And from blog reader Jan, from Wanganui,  came a pretty burgundy hand towel and tissues.  As  burgundy is the furnishing colour of choice in our “home away from home” it will go very well in our caravan bathroom.


Then there were parcels from sisters Peggy and Linda, fellow bloggers and quilting sisters who live in Taupo, and we had met up with them too at their lovely home.  Peggy, who blogs as Kiwi Klippings, had made me the most gorgeous pink applique zipped  fabric pouch, so pretty, thank you so much.  And Linda, machine quilter with panache, who writes as Razzle Dazzle Quilter, sent some home made skin cream and lip balm.  Linda listed all the ingredients in these potions, with the extra special ingredient  being “love”.


Then last but not least, I opened Jean’s parcel, which turned out to be a pretty tote bag made with Jean’s signature batik fabrics, which she loves to work with.  Lots of lovely shades of different colours, green and purple,  with touches of pink and pale blue, Jean made the bag in mind of my future hospital appointments, so I can pack a book, hanky, snack, and whatever else I need to get me through the day.  The bag is just lovely Jean, thank you so much.  All these gifts came with sweet cards from all concerned wishing me well on my upcoming treatment and “journey to wellness”  I like the sound of that phrase.

Tote bag from Jean

Thank you so much to all bloggy friends concerned in this little venture, and special thanks to Jean for arranging it all.  I appreciate each and every one of you – the cancer treatment journey is long and it is wonderful to know so many are thinking of me and sending their good wishes.

After the excitement of opening all those wonderful gifts Jean came down to my sewing room for a little peek at some of my UFOs waiting for their number to be called.  Then we settled down to lunch, and plenty of lively conversation flowed between the four of us, trains, trips, pets, and the great outdoors.  It was a super day indeed.


Nancy J said...

Jenny, I was the one who received so much yesterday, our friendship, a delightful lunch... Onion soup ,delicious, sausage rolls, yummy, chocolate cake, Oh My, more than yummy again. and coffee, this was our first visit to your new home, but specially your sewing and quilting room, then a magazine to bring home, full of my favourite goodies to sew, yes, bags, and then...GUESS WHAT... I was one of the winners in a recent blog give-away.. an ebook,, Modern Selvage Quilting by Riel Nason, mine has arrived in PDF form.. and Jenny also was a winner, her book yet to come,, Crafted Applique, New Possibilities by Lara Buccella. Now I know we were both chosen by random generator, or a similar program, but for us both to not only be in New Zealand but to be friends, living not too far apart? Hope you are having a wonderful warm day, so good here after another cold start, will email you with what I found in The Warehouse. Hugs to you both,Jean.

Tawa said...

Sorry to hear you are unwell. I hope your treatments go well. Do you have to travel to PNth or Wtn for treatment, or get to stay closer to home? Either way, take care.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

That Jean is a sneaky one! Glad you enjoyed your goodies.

Katie said...

Lovely friends. Lucky you. :-)

Jenny said...

Thank you everyone, I had a great day with Jean's visit.
And Tarnia - thanks for your message, I can't see how to reply to you personally as you seem to be a "non reply" blogger and I can't see an email link on your blog. I will be travelling to Palmy for treatment.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Jenny, if I had known Jean was visiting I would have told her to give you a hug from me. How sweet to have more treats and one of Jean's lovely bags as well. I'm sure it was a cheering visit for both of you.