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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sew Wots Tuesday

Another Sew Wots Tuesday rolled around and we gathered at Mary’s lovely rural home.  I gathered my things together, I would be working on my Christmas ABC stitchery project once again.  And mustn’t forget my items  for show and tell.  The ladies would be interested to see my lovely new “hospital appointment bag” from Jean, and my just completed Little Letters quilt.

For show and tell

We all watched as Mary helped Helen stuff the skinny little anorexic arms and legs for Helen’s Christmas angel.  The arms were no bigger than pipe cleaners!

Mary and Helen working together

Pam was kept quiet all morning, head down over some unpicking.  She had brought along her finished mystery quilt top, which will be going to her son.  It’s nice and masculine in shades of green.

Pam’s mystery quilt top

Amongst all the chatter, everyone was busy working on their projects.  Rae was knitting a couple of beanies for Pam’s son, nice and warm for the chilly morning workouts with race horses.  Both Carol and I were busy on our stitcheries, and Heather B was embroidering over printed flowers on a cushion cover.  It’s pretty now and will be looking even lovelier when the stitching is completed.

Heather B with her pansy cushion cover

There was a quick tutorial when Mary showed us how to make easy pillowcases with just a few seams.  These make a lovely “extra” gift when making a quilt for a child.  We took note of the measurements as Mary showed us how to fold it together – hope I remember that important bit. 

Mary (why are her eyes closed?) and Helen with the pillowcase

We stopped for morning tea, and Mary wheeled her tea  trolley laden with goodies – it was just like being out in a tea shop.  No wonder one of the husband’s called our group the Eat Alots!  As we were packing up to leave I spotted Carols pretty bag, which has a story to tell.  Carol had stitched up the pretty little bear stitcheries, then didn’t know what to do with them.  She was all set to donate them to the charity quilt box but Helen was having none of that.  Quick as a wink she whisked them away, took them home and made them into the pretty blue tote bag, which was duly presented back to Carol.  That’s Sew Wot friendship for you.

Blocks stitched by Carol, bag made by Helen, and gifted back to Carol

And speaking of gifts, many special thanks to Helen who brought me along some pumpkin soup to take home and enjoy and show she is thinking of me.  Thanks so much Helen, I appreciate your kind thought.  So that’s another Sew Wot stitching morning done and dusted – good fun and company as usual.  Thanks ladies.


Janice said...

It certainly sounds like a lovely group of ladies in the Sew Wots

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Clever Ladies
I love that mystery quilt. Colour scheme perfect for a bloke.
That looks like a super sized pillow case! Seriously though I have made a few of those. I prefer them to our usual pillow cases as they are more roomy. Easy to slip on and off.

Unknown said...

Hello from the U.S. again. Trying to get caught up on your news. Sorry to read about your kitty. She had a wonderful long life. Also so glad to see you are out and about. Read the part about making pillow cases and thought I would give you a heads up about great free tutorials online. Go to Missouri Star Quilt Co. online. She has tons of free tutorials and a very good one on pillowcases. I use it all the time.
Love your abc quilt. The colors are so rich and bright. Take care, Geri in Illinois.

Jenny said...

Thank you Geri, lovely to hear from you again. Could you possibly send me your email address as I can't see how to contact you - seems you are one of those non-reply bloggers.
Thanks again, Jenny

Unknown said...

Hi, Jenny, didn't notice that my email address was missing. My email address is gabel4@msn.com. Thanks for asking. Email me anytime. I receive emails from my cousins in England all the time. Enjoy hearing from different parts of the world. Have a great day! Geri

Anonymous said...

I love reading about what your group does. You sound like the best bunch of ladies! And I expect you have a good time, too.