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Monday, June 27, 2016

Another UFO Round-up

The sewing machine has been humming, and another UFO is completed – what a great feeling.  So that means I have to find another addition to put on my UFO List of Six. The current list as it stands is now:

No 1:  Caravan Quilt
No 2:  Stitchery Tote Bag.  (This replaces the now completed Amanda Jean Apron)
No 3:  Maple Leaf Quilt
No 4:  Candle Wick Quilt
No 5:  Black/grey Horse Quilt
No 6:  Duvet Cover

As it’s Monday, it is now time for another roll of the dice.  And the lucky winner is my Maple Leaf quilt.  That’s good, not a great deal to do to finish this project. 


Wonder if I’ll be lucky enough to have a finish three weeks in a row?  I’ll be trying my very best,  working around a couple of meetings and a social lunch out at the end of the week.

But before I actually get to sit at the sewing machine, I’ve promised to patch up Robin’s favourite pair of jeans.  And I must prepare some “leader and ender” sewing to feed into the machine as well – it’s just like getting something for nothing.


Nancy J said...

Hmmm, maple leaves, is this going to be for a friend in Canada, or to remind you of someone there? Love those fabrics, a great contrast.

Kate said...

Well done with your UFOs Jenny. Your maple leaf is quite pretty.

Jenny said...

The Maple Leaves were received as part of an internet block swap some time ago - and I'm keeping it!

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me as if you are making great strides and accomplishing a lot yourself! I love the maple leaf colors.