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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Trio of Birthdays for the Sew Wots

To celebrate the birthdays of Sew Wot ladies Pam, Helen, and Mary, we met for morning tea at Fox’s Cottage Quilt Shop.  Armed with plates of food for a birthday morning tea, a project to work on, and some spending money, we had a very enjoyable morning indeed. 


I hadn’t been to this (newish) shop since it had changed premises, and what a delight it was.  Light and airy, with plenty of room, and a wonderful selection of fabrics, notions, quilt patterns and knitting wool.  Plus a beautiful selection of hand crafted wooden boxes to fill with your threads or anything else which took your fancy.  The lovely collection of quilts and wall hangings on the walls certainly added to the colour and inspiration of the shop and classroom.

Views of the shop

Birthday girl Pam held tight to the bowl as Rae whipped the cream to go on top of something yummy for morning tea,  both of them laughing away.

Pam and Rae

I don’t know what we had the most of, birthday gifts or plates of morning tea.  Both covered the tables, and the birthday girls had a fine old time opening one parcel after another.

Mary with lots of birthday goodies

The birthday trio, Mary, Pam and Helen

And here we are all together, the Sew Wot Ladies.


Nancy J said...

How have I missed this wonderful place so close to both of us? Another good frost here, fires both going, coffee made, and I'm looking at the cat applique I have started. And I hope this one gets finished soon, like today, maybe for a pocket on a bag!!! No, not secret sewing this time.

Jenny said...

It's such a lovely shop Jean - be sure to stop on your next drive down this way. Lots of lovely batiks too, which I know you love!

Janice said...

What a lovely venue to celebrate the birthdays. It looks like you all had fun.