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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Carry on Quilting, and the Pink Ladies

It’s been a matter of “Carry on Quilting” as I’ve been slowly quilting around each letter of my alphabet quilt.  Pinning, stopping , and starting, then sewing in the ends, it’s been a long slow grind.  And reflecting, that if I had mastered the organic wavy lines which I tried earlier, the machine quilting would be well and truly completed by now. I really need to try this technique again, as I was not pleased with my first attempt.  I think the secret to success is to have the quilt well supported so that it does not pull against the needle.

Machine quilting around each letter

Today I went to my first monthly meeting with the local Pink Ladies Support Group.  This group supports  ladies in our community  with their breast cancer journey, and the local businesses very generously support the cause.  I was presented with a lovely gift basket from the Pink Ladies group a few weeks ago, full of all sorts of gifts, goodies, and vouchers. 

From the Pink Ladies Support group

Included in the basket was one of those lovely little heart shaped cushions to tuck under your arm to ease the discomfort after undergoing surgery and radiation treatments.  My quilt club, Town and Country Quilters had been asked to provide heart shaped pillows for Breast Cancer patients, and we were happy to rally to the call – read about our sewing night to help out here.   Call it fate, or karma, but I received one of the cushions I had made!  And I was more than happy to welcome it back.

Back home again, my very own heart cushion

I continue to be humbled by messages of support and Get Well cards, they mean such a lot.  Quilt club member Kaye heard that I was unwell and called around with a little gift to cheer me up.  Inside the pretty blue gift bag was a cake of home made berry soap, which smells good enough to eat!  Thank you so much Kaye, I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Get Well gift from Kaye


Nancy J said...

Those letters will be a real work of art and manhandling, specially if you are using the walking foot.I would be so scared to try free motion. Lovely bag for a gift, so glad you enjoyed the group, and received a pillow ( it says " I'm just returning home again").Hugs from a wet place up here.

Janice said...

It's lovely that you have so much support around you. Your heart pillow has lovely fabric. Who'd a thunk it that it would return to you.

Leeann said...

That is magic, getting your own heart back, it must be a good omen.
I hope you have a speedy recovery without to many treatments required.

Glad to see you continuing with your quilting. I tried to do wavy lines on one of my quilts, and it looked like I had had one too many wines! But I decided to let it be and not unpick.

NickiJ said...

You'll find your cushion comes in handy when you are back driving to ease between the safety belt and it also puts your mind at ease if you ever have to brake suddenly. Quite "heart-warming" to see your own cushion again!