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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I’m Inspired by Amanda Jean

Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts has been an inspiration to me for quite some time.  She is celebrating her 9th blogging birthday and by way of celebration, she wants us to share if we have been inspired by something we have seen on her blog, and to share a link.

I was inspired to make a knitted rag rug, using up some of my selvedges – read all about it here.  The instructions said to use size 35 needles, but I had no idea what they were – just used the largest ones I had.  The other change I made was to stitch the selvedges together instead of knotting them and leaving tails.  I also decided to use a single string instead of two together as the instructions said.

P1220001Knitting with my big ball of selvedges

I just love how all the different colours came through, offset by the various neutrals.  I used up long lengths, and shorter selvedges too, whatever came to hand, but kept the short lengths less than 12 inches for other projects, plus threw in a few narrow plain strips too.  The finished rug  fits nicely in front of my laundry tub, adding a pretty splash of muted colour.  I’m really pleased with it.  Robin did wonder what on earth I was doing in the evenings, wrestling with large needles and a big ball of fabric,  which was regularly replenished.  And of course it washes well too.

P3120007My knitted selvedge laundry rug

Thank you so much, Amanda Jane, for your wonderful blog and such creative ideas.  I really enjoy reading about your prolific projects, and you are an inspiration to quilters worldwide.  Please do keep on blogging – at least for another 9 years!!!

I have another WIP from one of Crazy Mom’s designs, I’ve started to make an apron made from a zillion small squares, my Amanda Jean apron I call it.  Must get it out again and put it on top of my “to do” list, and get it finished.

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Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I was thrilled to see what you made from those fabric pieces, Jenny. You are an inspiration too! I will check out Crazy Mom too. Thanks.