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Friday, November 6, 2015

I love to see a line of washing

I’ve got a little secret – did you know I’ve got a bit of a laundry fetish?  But that can’t be a bad thing, surely.  There is nothing nicer than a line of freshly washed clothes drying in the sunshine helped out with a little gentle breeze.  I needed to wash our winter quilt and today was just the day to do it.  It’s my pink and grey pussy cat quilt, my quilt of choice for the winter months as it has lovely warm woollen batting.  But this quilt is now getting a bit too heavy on the bed, so it’s time for a change.  The pink background fabric has faded over the years, as have some of the grey blocks, but I still love it. Now washed and dried in the sunshine, smelling lovely and fresh, I’ll fold it up and place it on my quilt rack till it’s needed again next winter.

PB060017 My (faded) pink and grey cat quilt

I’ve also washed and ironed my new patchwork fabric.  My birthday fat quarters, the fabric I purchased recently at the Fabric Fair, plus a couple of pieces from a recent shop visit.  The black pieces will be going into a bag ready for me to start cutting and piecing a black themed quilt for the older grand-daughter.  All the rest will be slotted into my various containers – maybe I’ll have to tidy them up as I go.

PB060020 New fabric, all washed and ironed ready to get put away

Poor old Muffy had another trip to the vet today so she is feeling a little out of sorts.  At 19 years old, she is developing health problems, so we are trying to make her life as comfortable as possible.  All she wanted to do on our return home was to have a snooze on the bed for a while and forget about the poking and prodding she had to go through.  I replaced the quilt on our bed, and she relaxed on our Anniversary quilt, full of hearts and stars.  This was made for our 25th Anniversary (goodness, that’s 7 years ago) and I took part in a block swap and stitched and swapped red heart blocks.  The stars are part of the sashing strips.  

PB060003 Muffy recovering from her vet visit on the Anniversary quilt


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Love those puss cats even if they are a bit faded. Hugs to Muffy, old darling.

FlourishingPalms said...

How nice to hang a quilt outdoors to dry! Now that we've moved to an area where outdoor clotheslines are prohibited, it "kills" me to have to dry everything in the dryer. Oh how I miss the smell of sunshine! It's one of my biggest regrets about moving. Continue to enjoy your outdoors as you do. It's wonderful.

Ale jc said...

your quilt is lovely even if it faded....it looks very comforting...love your sweet cat..

NickiJ said...

Love is a quilt a cat can sleep on. Tickles under the chin to Muffy.