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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Finally - the very last birthday bash

Turning 70 has been a long drawn out affair.  But that’s OK, 70 years is a lot to celebrate, wouldn’t you say?  Each little celebration has been a delight, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all.  Today was the lucky last, (and about time, says Robin), and I was joined by local caravan friends Dot and Eileen for a lovely casual lunch at the Emporium Cafe.  Robin and Geoff took themselves off for a blokes lunch elsewhere and left us ladies to it.

PB050031Jenny, Dot and Eileen

There was a lovely vintage feel to this establishment, and they do a lot of business with groups of ladies who come for High Teas, we were told.  Mmmm, that will be worth remembering for a future occasion, I feel.  We enjoyed our lunches, (quiches for two, plus macaroni cheese for me), coffee and cake.  As usual when friends get together, there was always plenty to talk about.

PB050029 Looking through to the kitchen

After our lunch we had a look around the Emporium, packed full of gift items and house wares.  And yes, I managed to find a little something which took my fancy.  Our guests came back to our home for a while for yet another cuppa, plus a slice of home baked chocolate cake.  Not that we really needed more cake, you understand, but it was freshly baked and waiting for us.

PB050032 The Emporium

After the guests departed, I felt like I was suffering from quilty related withdrawal feelings and needed to do something about it.  So I spent a little time tracing leaf and flower shapes and fused them onto fabric for one of my UFOs -  I still need to cut them out, fuse then machine appliqué them onto my quilt border.  Each little step helps along the way,  I’m getting there slowly.

PB050033 Flowers and leaves for appliqué

As well as being the “Last Hurrah” for my birthday celebrations, today is also our Wedding Anniversary.  Our 32nd anniversary, to be precise.  As we had both dined out for lunch, we decided we really didn’t need to go out for the evening meal too.  So we settled for pizzas in front of the telly, and stayed nice and comfy at home.  While all around us, fireworks were being let off.  No, not especially for us – we married on Guy Fawkes Day all those years ago!


Maria said...

Wishing you a very Happy 70th Birthday Jenny. I turned 67 today sew we share our birthdays,,

El Desván de la Gata Perezosa said...

congratulations on this anniversary, your post is full of light and color, stop by my blog and if you like, stay.

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary! :-)