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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A couple of Hang Ups

Not a great deal of sewing has been happening lately, but I’m pleased to announce that Robin has been busy lately helping me hang up an extra quilt or two in the sewing room.  Not really a matter of banging hooks in the walls, these days he is a firm believer in using Command hooks with adhesive backs.  I don't really mind what method he uses – I’m just pleased to get a bit more colour on the walls. And a couple more quilts get liberated from the cupboard.

First up went the hanging rod.  This necessitated measuring, a check made with the a spirit level to make sure it went up straight and even,  tiny pencil marks made on the wall, then on went the adhesive hooks.  Then up went “Angels to Watch over You”,

P6120005 Angels to Watch over You

This pattern is “Redwork Angels”, designed by Susan Claire, and was stitched while enjoying trips away in our caravan.over quite a long period of time.  It was finally completed it in 2012, and as I have told my grown-up grand-daughters, I have made it for when they finally get around to having babies!  Goodness knows when that will be.  So in the meantime I will enjoy seeing it hanging up here in my sewing room.

Also newly hanging up on the wall is “High Tech Tucks, Garden Window”, completed in 1998.  This was started in a class with Caryl Breyer Fallet many years ago when she came out to New Zealand to teach at the Wellington Symposium.  Sadly, the wall-hanging languished unfinished for several years before I really made an effort to get it completed.  I think it is quite  clever design using a large scale print, and it is one of my favourites. 

P6120003 High Tech Tucks, Garden Window

It’s nice to see these gracing the walls in my (very small) sewing room, thank you Robin.


Nancy J said...

Always so good to get them hung, or finished. Love the second one, what a wonderful design and your fabric choices. I am getting some merino fabric sewn, AND all finished before the date arrives for Hugh's surgery, we have been given the 27th July, it all seems to have suddenly been so fast, very thankful. For me, it is motivation to organise, tidy, finish, and more.

Katie said...

Command Hooks are fabulous. Lately Mom and I have been hanging up our quilty things with Command Strips which are like Velcro. I like that I can sew one side of it to the back of the quilt and not just rely on the sticky. Hmmmm. That reminds me. I have something I should be hanging up. :-)