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Friday, July 24, 2015

A bit of this, and a bit of that

It’s been a funny sort of day today, I’ve been doing all sorts of bits and pieces.  But nothing momentous – if you know what I mean.  First job of the day was to get the washing hung outside in the wintery sunshine.  Not that doing the washing is much of a chore for me, I really like to keep it up to date.  And would you believe - I even enjoy doing the ironing!  Sad, I know, but I really can’t help myself.

Then I sat myself down in the sewing room for a couple of hours for a bit of “secret sewing”.  I’m making a gift for someone who will remain nameless at the moment, and today was a good day to get it started.  I measured, and cut, and stitched and then lunch time came along, so it was time to stop for a while.  I considered packing the project away till tomorrow, but then thought better of it.  Working away after lunch, it only took another hour and it is finally all done!  I’m so pleased I persevered and  didn’t stop halfway through.  So now I feel quite proud of my burst of creativity today which resulted in a finished project.  Being a secret gift I can’t yet show what I made, but these are the colours I used.  I hope she who is nameless will like it.

P7240033 Fabrics used in my secret sewing

Later in the day I made some “Bird Pudding” for the hungry native birds to feed on over the winter.  This is a mixture of beef dripping (fat), bird seed, bread crusts cut up small, an apple, and a big spoon of honey.  I have two new feeders I purchased so the mixture has been shaped into balls for one, and flat cakes for the other.  They are currently in the fridge to harden and I will put them out tomorrow.  Then I will find out if I shaped the mixture correctly to fit inside the feeders.

Meanwhile, the wax-eyes are busily feeding on an apple on the wooden feeder, and the sparrows are gobbling up some crusts I put out on the lawn.  The apple has to be peeled so that they can get at the flesh and generally lasts a couple of days.  It is so nice to see them outside feeding, and occasionally I give them other fruit too, depending on what I have. Luckily the birds don’t mind if it is getting a little squashy and over-ripe.

P7030036 Wax-eyes on the apple feeder


Nancy J said...

Lovely apple feeder, and the colours on your secret go so well together

Katie said...

I’d much rather do laundry than vacuum or cook!! :-)

Katherine said...

I so miss having a clothesline - especially for linens, nothing as fresh smelling as laundry hung on a line. Like you, I also enjoy ironing - my mom missed this about me when I left home because she doesn't share that love. ;o)

I love the apple feeder! Must convince my hubby to build us one for winter feeding of feathered friends.

Sweet glimpse of your secret sewing...lovely fabrics.