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Monday, July 20, 2015

Starting on Christmas ABCs

A wet weekend away in the caravan gave me some extra time to sit and stitch while keeping warm.  And I’m pleased to say that I have now completed the first two stitchery blocks in my Christmas ABC project – A is for Angel and B is for Bear.

P7200001 My new stitchery project

The patterns are from Alphabet Noel, by Rag Tag Stitching – designed by the very talented Australian designer, Michelle Ridgway.  I love her designs and plan to eventually make a Christmas Quilt from my stitchery blocks.  Obviously, this will be a long term project.  I like to have some hand work to take away to stitching days with friends, and when we are travelling around the country towing our caravan behind us.  So it is two blocks down, 24 more to go!

We only travelled a short distance in the weekend, about half an hour’s drive up to Foxton.  Before the wind and rain came calling we had a little drive around the local area and were delighted to see some birdlife in a nearby stream .  Such as this elegant White Faced Heron, quietly waiting at the water’s edge for some prey to swim past so that he could quickly gobble it up.

P7160022 White Faced Heron

There was a brightly coloured Pukeko busily feeding on leaves and grasses, they also dig up and feed on small tubers with their strong red beak.


And what could be cuter than this pair,  a Sparrow and a Blackbird sharing a bath together?

P7160023Sparrow and Blackbird 


Kate said...

Jenny, your Christmas ABCs will make a charming quilt - can't wait to see it!
Love the bird pix. In our neck of the woods we have Blue Herons but I've never been able to get a photo of one - they're quite shy. :)

Maria said...

Love your ABCs...
Nice to see some of your bird life... thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love Michelle's designs, too! I don't have this one yet, though. Your first two look great, and I love your header angels. My DH and I spent the last five years of his life on the road, full-time. It's been five years+ since he died, and I so miss that lifestyle! I'm both jealous of your travels and happy that you and your DH can do that. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I enjoyed seeing a little of your area of the world. I saw your link at the Stichery Linkup. =)

Christine Barnsley said...

Lovely alphabet stitcheries and great photographs of the bird life! :) x

CathieJ said...

Oh I love the idea of a Christmas Alphabet quilt. So adorable. Thanks so much for all the bird pictures.

Shami Immanuel said...

Alphabet blocks are beautiful. Good idea for making a quilt. Photos of the birds are all nice.