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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yesterday was Sew Wots Tuesday

Yesterday was Sew Wots Tuesday, and I was the Happy Hostess this time.  So it was a matter of getting up bright and early, whizzing around with the duster and the vacuum cleaner.  It was no good doing much cleaning on the previous day, as I was busy in the kitchen with my apron on baking for the ladies – and I admit to being a messy cook!  Everyone duly arrived (with only one absent who was feeling under the weather) and Helen came with a big bunch of sweet smelling Daphne for me.  How kind, what a lovely surprise. 

P7210008 Helen brought me some lovely Daphne

Three sets of knitting needles were soon clacking away.  Not quite sure what project Carol was starting with her pink wool, Moira was knitting a scarf, and Helen was knitting a vest for her son-in-law, as requested.

P7210007 Two happy faces, Carol and Rae

Of course, there is always some Show and Tell to admire.  Here is Moira peeping out from one of her lovely William Morris appliqué blocks.

P7210003 Moira with her hand appliqué

Heather B had just purchased a new sewing machine and was slowly coming to grips with it.  She had done some machine quilting on this whole cloth quilt which will be going to the local hospital.  Both the front and the backing were Op Shop finds, she told us – just goes to show that we should keep checking these shops out regularly.

P7210005 Heather’s whole cloth quilt

There were two more lovely quilts shown.  Carol had just finished this lovely floral quilt for her youngest daughter.  For her birthday? I asked.  No, just because…. was the answer.

P7210004 For Carol’s daughter

And Helen just had the binding to do on this striking blue and yellow quilt for her Mum’s birthday.  It will be a table topper, we were told.

P7210002 For Helen’s Mum

Everyone was busy stitching, knitting or just chatting, and Muffy kept Pam company for the morning.

P7210001Muffy sitting with Pam

We were very impressed with the clothing Heather had made for her dolly, which we could see in a state of undress peaking out of her bag.  The doll is a gift for daughter Mandee, who requested it dressed in a kilt “just like Nana used to make us”.  Heather had made the clothes, including knitting that tiny pair of lacy socks in  super-fine cotton.  Very clever indeed – Mandee will love it, I’m sure.

P7210009 Heather with her now dressed Scotty dolly

It was lovely to have everyone here at our home – another great Sew Wot Tuesday.


Nancy J said...

Everyone so busy, and lots to see and look at.Do you have a favourite fabric shop in Wellington? I need some batik for borders for the wiggle quilt.

Kate said...

A lovely visit, Jenny.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Of course, you know I love seeing those William Morris blocks. But really I love seeing what all the ladies are in the midst of. So varied and interesting. What is an op shop? Is it a thrift shop?

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

How nice, makes me think of Sweet Peas. So much variety. Your friends are very talented.

Anonymous said...

You made me want to grab a project and head over to join all of you! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures of fun. Next time, show us what you baked! I like to drool. LOL