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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday Night was Remnants Night

The monthly Remnants Night came around again, and I had a couple of choices to make.  What to work on?  I had a bit of unpicking to do, and then decided to start on a new stitchery project.  So all the bits and pieces required for the night were packed away in a big bag, including the unpicker.  And what to take for our shared meal?  Mmmm, I’d been wanting to try a new (to me) recipe I’d got from my daughter – bread cases filled with creamed corn and bacon. The savouries smelt wonderful when they were cooking, and after Robin and I had sampled one each at home to give them the taste test, I packed up the remainder to take with me, together with a container of home made chocolate slice biscuits.  Then I was ready for a night of companionship and sewing with the other Remnant ladies.  The evening was spent machining, hand sewing, slicing and dicing, unpicking, and advice offered here and there.  Just the usual type of thing, wouldn’t you say?

Debi spent the evening working on her hexagon quilt – it is not quite big enough yet, she told us.  The colours are so “her”, you can see how the colours tone in so nicely with her woollen cardigan. 

P6260010 Debi stitching her hexagon quilt

Janneke does a lot of sewing for the Ronald McDonald House and her task for the evening was slicing her four patch blocks and stitching them into split four patches.   Just a few simple slices and what a difference it makes to the blocks.

P6260009 From 4 patch to split four patches

New member Ute brought her daughter Katarina along who spent the night sewing herself a trendy pencil case for school.  Ute showed us her pretty cream and terracotta quilt.  The top is now finished and she spent the evening cutting up pieces for the wonderful pieced border she is stitching.  There will be a lot of sewing to get the border done, and we look forward to seeing the completed quilt in the future.

P6260011Ute and her quilt top

And Wendy was finishing up a pretty little baby cardigan for a workmate.  The lucky prospective Mum will be getting a gift basket, and this will be one of many delights inside.  So sweet, and soft and cuddly, just right for a little one.

P6260012Wendy’s baby knitting

This black, grey and yellow star quilt of Kathy's was rather striking, I thought.  Kathy started machine quilting this beauty, but it didn’t all go to plan.  Why, she wanted to know, were all those tangles on the back?  There was nothing for it but to start unpicking the problem area and start again. 

P6260008 Kathy’s star quilt

I was unpicking too, but I’d planned it as I wasn’t happy with the machining I had done at home.  With that task out of the way, I started on my new long term stitchery project, Christmas ABC.  My first block is “A is for Angel.”

P6260013 My new stitchery, A is for Angel

The evening passed pleasantly, and we were fortified with various cups of coffee and chocolate marshmallows to nibble on, thanks, Kathy. Although the numbers were down a little this month, it was still nice to meet up with those who came.  Thanks ladies, for your company.


Maria said...

Your lovely group of ladies worked on lots of fabulous projects.. Nice A for Angel you are working on Jenny.

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Feeling wistful; it's been ages since I attended a stitch in. Your ABC is going to be so festive!

Lorna McMahon said...

Looks like a very talented group of ladies! Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous works in progress!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Always interesting to see the various projects of your talented group. I love your new stitchery...alphabets are always fun to work especially a holiday one.

Jasmine said...

Looks like a lovely event. Your stitching is beautiful.