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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Birthdays Galore today at the Sew Wots Get-together

June was a bumper birthday month for the Sew Wot ladies, and three were celebrated in style today.   Birthdays in the group are generally marked with a card and a small gift, and once the ladies were settled down, there were little wrapped gifts going in all directions.  Pam not only received gifts aplenty, but also a lovely chrysanthemum plant.

P6090002 Happy Birthday to Pam

Mary and Helen were the other birthday girls, and amongst the three of them they received lovely cards, fabric, coffee mugs packed full of chocolate, some pretty bathroom smellies, and even more fabric.  They were excited opening the gifts up, and we were excited to see what was inside!

P6090003 Carol admiring Helen’s pretty hand towel

Of course, there was some lovely Show and Tell as well.  Mary had recently been to a class by Camilla Watson and showed us  her embroidery based on a family photo of her grand-mother.  What a lovely idea, and so special to stitch something like this about a family member.

P6090001 Mary’s embroidery of her grand-mother

Another from Mary was this wonderful quilt with a masculine flavour.  This is a birthday gift for Mary’s brother to use in his bach, she said.  It is cosy and warm and made from flannel shirts.

P6090004Made for Mary’s brother

Heather B had a finished quilt as well to show us.  This was made for her nephew Jamie’s 21st birthday, and had lots of interesting fabrics in the mix, including some African animal prints.

P609000521st birthday quilt

In between the friendly chatter, both Helen and Rae were busy knitting, and Carol was working on her embroidery.  Moira was busy with another of her beautiful William Morris blocks, her fourth one so far.  This is going to be great when it is finished.

P6090007 Moira’s William Morris block

And Heather B was doing something wonderful with hexagons and doilies.  These pretty blocks will be stitched together to become a quilt for her daughter.  How pretty – I know it will be a long job but I’m really looking forward to seeing this one completed.

P6090006 Heather’s pretty hexagon blocks

Birthday girl Pam couldn’t possibly do any hand work, she told us, she was looking after Muffy on her lap instead.  And Muffy was certainly happy with the attention, she loves to find a friendly lap to snooze on.  And as I was the hostess I didn’t do any stitching either.  But there was tea and coffee to make, and morning tea to serve, so I was kept on my toes.  It was lovely to have the Sew Wot ladies in my home this morning, and so nice to share in the fun of all those birthday surprises.  We all had a very enjoyable time together, as usual.

P6090008 Pam and Muffy relaxing together

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Nancy J said...

Lovely to be able to share birthdays together, Muffy with her stunning winter coat, just like our Ginger Boy. His fur,tail and mane have grown so suddenly, even though he does sleep inside at night.