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Monday, June 15, 2015

Stitching away on the Birthday Quilt

I’ve been busy finding time to stitch away on my daughter’s birthday quilt, sitting at the machine for long hours.  The extra leaf appliqué blocks have been cut out, fused, and machine appliquéd.  You may remember that  I miscalculated previously so had to get cracking and make some more.  Luckily there was enough remaining green fabrics to trace a few more leaf shapes from, but I’m running low now.   

P5100010 Last few appliqué blocks

With the remaining leaf blocks stitched, I then laid everything on our bed and you know how it goes, changed this block with that one until I was happy with the arrangement.  The next step was to sew the blocks together in rows.

P6070002 Another row under construction

What to use as leaders and enders while I stitch all the blocks together?  Then I had a brain wave – I know, I’ll stitch together some sashing for yet another UFO.  That worked well, and now the lengths of sashing are all done for when I finally get around to piecing this particular quilt together.  It’s a bit like two for the price of one.  I’m quite pleased with the progress I’m making on my daughter’s quilt.  Next step will be to add the borders.

P6070004 Sashing strips used as leaders and enders

As well as all this stitching, I recently made another batch of soup.  Roasted pumpkin,  kumara and onion, with added chunky bacon pieces and a touch of curry.  So delicious, thick and wholesome, and served with a swirl of cream and chopped parsley. Roasting the vegetables certainly adds to the flavour - I do love home made soup for lunch!

P6120017 Roasted pumpkin and kumara soup


loulee said...

Your leaves are looking good. I'm keeping an eye on that one as I may need to steal the idea away from you.
Something else I need from you is the recipe for that soup, it sounds YUM!! Is it written down somewhere, or was it inspired by making do with what you have? Sometimes they are the best recipes.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

That soup looks so yummy. I want some!,

Nancy J said...

Lovely leaves, so glad the fabric stretched for the extras. Do you roast, then whizz the pumpkin, skin ? seeds? Hugh does ours, in a huge, massive pot, slowly, so it all goes to a massive thick mulchy ( cannot find a better word)liquid, more concentrated than I make.

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies - as far as I'm concerned, nothing beats home made soup in winter!

If you are smart enough to plan ahead you could roast some extra pumpkin, kumara, oinon or whatever you want when cooking the family roast meal to use in soup for later. A tablespoon of curry powder gives the soup an extra bite, but it would still be tasty enough without it. And I love the flavour the cooked bacon pieces adds to the soup.

Happy cooking!