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Friday, June 5, 2015

Yarn Bombed Cherry Tree at Otaki

“Yarn Bombing” is alive and well in Otaki.  This practise is believed to have originated in Texas, when knitters were trying to find a creative way to use their leftover wool and unfinished knitting projects, and has since spread worldwide. 

Local knitter Debbi Carson created the colourful yarn bombing decorating the large cherry tree in front of Riverstone Cafe, in 2014, with the blessing of cafe owner Jeanine Cornelius.  Debbie measured the tree branches, and started knitting, and before too long the branches were covered with bright colours.  The knitting features combinations of different colours and patterns, and one large branch is decked out in bright pink with the name of the cafe knitted in white.  The yarn bombed tree has created a lot of interest, with people often stopping to take photos.

P6050009 Cherry tree at Riverstone Cafe, Otaki

I had been wanting to go to the cafe for ages to check out the tree, and finally we got there.  Lunch was very tasty, a Big Breakfast for him, and Pea and Ham soup for her - and very nice it was too.  Especially as we received Gold Card discount off of purchases too – we would have gone there anyway, but a discount is always welcome.  I had a good look at the cherry tree with it’s knitted coverings, and noticed a few teapots hanging up too.  I can see I’ll have to return again in the warmer months, to sit outside sipping my latte in the sunshine under the colourful cherry tree.

Otaki is a short 20km drive from home and has turned itself into one of those popular “Outlet Towns”.  People come from far and wide to visit a number of the big name brand stores which line the street.  Bendon was one of the first companies to open an outlet in Otaki, which is now one of their busiest stores in the country.   And yes, I just had to go into this intimate apparel shop and came away with some of their good quality undergarments.  Luckily the particular brand and style I like to wear was quite drastically reduced, so I stocked up at well under half price.  Robin patiently sat in the car reading a newspaper while I checked out a couple of shops.  At one of the shoe shops I found just what I was looking for to replace my winter shoes which had come to the end of their working life.  It was a very successful morning shopping – no wonder we needed a tasty lunch to finish off. 


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Nice to see the tree tucked up cosy for winter.

Nancy J said...

Otaki Outlets, a favourite place if we travel to Wellington, and like you, I can usually find my sizes in most shops, undies, shoes, and of course there is the " Hunting and Fishing" across the road from Riverstone and Kathmandu, so what would Hugh do while I browse??

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I've seen lots of photos of yarn bombing so it must be fun to see an example in person and to combine it with some bargain shopping...what a treat of a day!