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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Next stage for the Birthday Quilt

My daughter’s birthday quilt is on the next stage of it’s journey – it has been sent away to get commercially quilted.  Being a queen sized quilt, it is much too big for me to contemplate doing at home.  Paula from Rabbits Patch Quilting will be doing the honours, and we have spoken about what quilting designs I would like.  Can’t wait to see it returned in a few weeks time – quilts really come alive when they are quilted, I feel.  Meanwhile, I have prepared yards of green binding so I will be ready to stitch that on, once the birthday quilt is back in my hot little hands again.

It is just as well that we had planned for a weekend at home and not to go away camping.  The weather is atrocious and the incessant rain had led to  flooding,  slips, road closures, with people evacuated from their homes.  At the moment we cannot drive south as SH1 is closed between Otaki and Levin and the heavy rain warnings for the northern Tararuas and Horowhenua will only add to the flooding.  It is a good weekend to stay home, safe, warm and dry, and to count our blessings.

On such a miserable day as this, there was nothing for it but to do a little comfort cooking.  Cold weather always means “soup” to me, and I had a new recipe tucked away which I wanted to try – cauliflower and blue cheese soup, flavoured with a touch of thyme.   Mmm, it did smell nice while it was simmering away.  Robin got the job of using the hand held stick wand to make it all nice and smooth before I added the crumbled blue cheese to the pot.  I can’t be trusted with the wand as I have been known to lift it out of the pot without turning it off – you can imagine the mess that makes!

P6200019 Robin using the wand in my soup

Served with a swirl of cream and a little chopped parsley, it was a delicious and warming lunch.  At least I thought so, it wasn’t Robin’s favourite soup, he told me.  But he is very easy going, and ate his up, and will probably get some more tomorrow.  His favourite home made soup is pumpkin, he told me, but I like to ring the changes now and again.

P6200021 .Cauliflower, potatoe, and blue cheese soup

The cooking urge hadn’t dissipated so after lunch I decided to prepare a golden syrup steamed pudding, just because it was still raining hard.  It slowly bubbled away, and I have to admit it certainly was delicious.  What could be better comfort food on a cold, wet, miserable day than a big pot of home made soup, and a lovely stodgy steamed pudding.  No wonder I didn’t get any stitching done today – perhaps tomorrow?

P6200027  And for dessert tonight – golden syrup steamed pudding

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Katie said...

Those wands are dangerous! Just recently we had an incident with whipping cream. All over the counter, me, hubby, cabinets, floor and across the room onto mom and dad. It was quite exciting! :-)