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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last Remnant night of the year

It was nice to welcome some new faces to our Remnant group on Friday night.  Town and Country Quilters had been asked to provide heart shaped pillows for Breast Cancer patients, and we were happy to rally to the call.  I’m sure all of us know of friends and family who have been touched by breast cancer, as have some of our members too.  The pattern was handed out last club-night with the request for the cushions to be in shades of pink.  Some had already sewn their cushions, as had I, and brought them along to be stuffed.  Others set up their sewing machines and churned out one stitched cushion after another. The Art Club rooms was a hive of activity as everyone worked together on this worthwhile cause.

PB280005 My three cushions

PB280003Everyone working together

Bags of stuffing were funded by the Finance Committee, as were the plastic bags and ribbons for packaging each cushion individually.  Yvonne spent a lot of time doing this important task, and the pile of cushions kept growing as the night wore on.  The final count was 25 – and I’m sure more will arrive at our next club night.

PB280009 Piles of pink cushions

The shape of the heart fits under the arm and takes pressure off tender areas after surgery, during radiation treatments, and from the car seatbelt, or in bed to give extra comfort when lying on your side.  The heart shape speaks of love as well as giving physical comfort from pain.

We had a veritable feast for our shared meal, seems that everyone decided to make our last night of the year extra special.  There were several varieties of salads, cold chicken and meat, stuffed curried eggs, cheese and biscuits, filled rolls, and two different kinds of  hot home made savouries.  Then there was dessert too, I had brought along a new recipe I wanted to try, a different type of lemon slice. Mary had whipped up a marvellous cream sponge – absolutely delicious, and so light it just melted in the mouth.  Kathy brought along a jelly-cake, that was completely new to me.  So I have since found out that a jelly-cake is a cheese cake with a layer of jelly on top – yummy.

PB280007 Our wonderful shared meal

After the cushion frenzy had died down, some ladies took themselves home, while others stayed to work on our own projects.  I was doing a little more stuffing, on my reindeer’s head and hooves.  I’m not quite sure how to put my yo-yo toy together, even though I’ve read through the instructions.  Guess I need some more in depth research, or maybe find someone to sit with me and guide me through it!

PB280013 Bits of my reindeer

PB280008 Kaye was finishing off some coasters for a Christmas gift

PB280012Sandra machine quilting panels of her quilt

We had a wonderful night, and it was great to be working together making the heart cushions for a such a good cause.   They will be presented to the group who requested them at our December club-night, so it will be interesting to see what the final total will be.  Many thanks to everyone who came along to help, it was just like an old fashioned sewing bee with us all working together for a good cause.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi Di hi
I have a friend who will be needing a cushion like that soon. Could you send me the pattern please? I guess it's relatively simple but it would be nice to have a pattern. Well done ladies, I'm sure your hearts will be appreciated

Sue @ Quilting the Green Star said...

Hello Jenny,
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I have so enjoyed looking at your quilting group photos, I have made several of those cushions and I know how much comfort they bring. It's also lovely to hear about your Christmas preparations on the other side of the world from me,
Kind regards,