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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sew Wot Tuesday

Our little Sew Wot stitching group met at Mary’s home today.  I was running a little late as the phone rang just as I was heading out the door, so things were well underway when I arrived.

Helen and Mary are devoted sewing Grandmothers and had whipped up a whole heap of lovely small garments for their respective little darlings.  They proudly displayed little dresses, and the cutest denim skirts.  Helen had made some tough wearing boys shorts in camouflage design denim.   I felt quite envious - it’s been a long time since my own little darlings were small enough to sew for.


PB110002 Pretty summer dresses stitched by Helen and Mary

Heather had also been sewing up a storm and had completed several bright and cheerful quilts for Ronald McDonald house.

PB110005 Three of Heather’s Ronald McDonald quilts

Moira had recently purchased a template set and brought it along to show us, together with four small blocks stitched together.  Called “Scrap Crazy” it looks very interesting, and has all sorts of possibilities.

PB110009 Scrap Crazy template set

Most of us busily worked on our hand stitching projects, while we chatted away.  After a delicious morning tea we gathered up our bags of stitching and said our goodbyes.  But we didn’t leave empty handed.  Mary is a gardening goddess and had prepared bundles of Night Scented Stock seedlings for us all to take home.   Gardening Guru Yates New Zealand says:  “The glorious scent that permeates the Spring evening from these flowers is truly one of nature’s precious gems. Barely detectable by day, it dominates and transforms the whole garden by night”.  Doesn’t that sound delightful?  Possessing less than green thumbs myself, I certainly hope that  my plants grow and flourish.

PB110012 My bundle of plants ready to go in the ground


Nancy J said...

Lovely quilts, blocks, and super plants. Hope they all flourish. Take care if that cold snap comes your way, Jean.

Kate said...

Sew Wot sounds like a wonderful time with creative ladies ... most enjoyable to read about.