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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kirks Christmas Shop

It’s that time of year again for my big trip into Wellington City to see and enjoy the Kirks Christmas shop.  Kirkcaldie and Stains department store is a Wellington institution, and has been around since 1863.  The beautifully turned our doorman was on duty, as he has been for many years. He opened the door for me, and I walked inside, and up two flights of stairs to reach the Christmas shop.

PB220018 The doorman at Kirks

The Christmas shop was a riot of gold, silver, red and green, with people everywhere.  I heard one little poppet exclaim, “I can’t stop looking Mummy”.  I know how she felt, as I slowly walked around all the displays, I couldn’t stop looking either.  Here were some Santas, over there were reindeer, and further along were drummer boys, elves, fairies, and the popular New Zealand Christmas display showing Santa on his surfboard, kombi vans to hang on the tree, silver ferns and green koru fronds.


PB220011 Lots of Santas everywhere

Youngsters were watching closely as the Christmas train went busily round and round the track.

PB220007Train set

As I  shuffled  slowly around all the displays, taking care not to trip over pushchairs or any small children who were beneath my field of vision, toys with motion sensors burst into life and sang their Christmas songs.  I was looking for a couple of Christmas decorations to buy for gifts, to take along to Christmas breakups which I will be attending shortly.  There was so much on offer, but I was  buying to a set price, not always easy at this exclusive department store.  But I finally found two items within my budget, so came away happy.

PB220008 Gold and silver baubles

Lunching at Kirks Cafe is always a highlight, with the lovely food, and friendly helpful service.  The trick, I’ve found, is to get there a little before the  mid-day rush, so it is easier to find a table. (I fear I’m turning into my Mother, as she liked to lunch at Kirks too).  I found a Christmas gift for the MIL in another department, not easy to choose something for her these days as she has just moved into a rest home.

Shopping done, and replete from lunch, I walked back down to the Railway Station.  What’s this on the footpath by the State Insurance building?  Looks like the aftermath of an earthquake.  But no, don’t worry.  It’s a bit of city art, showing what might just happen when we have a big shake.

PB220019 Art in the city, the broken pillars look so life like.

I didn’t get to ride in a train after all, as they had all been replaced by buses on the Kapiti line.  That’s a shame, I love train travel – there is no romance in riding a bus, is there?  I arrived at the bus with just a few minutes to spare, to find that there wasn’t a spare seat at all.  Bother!  After standing for a minute or two, a young man tapped me on the shoulder, and offered me a seat.  How kind of him, I really appreciated his offer.  Although I imagine that I looked as tired and footsore as I felt! 

PB220004 Trains replaced by buses today


Nancy J said...

Jenny, I am happy to be "older" and very grey haired, as men offer to put grocery bags in the trolley, help lift the coal into the boot, and yes a seat is so welcome, Christmas in the shops already, I need to get working on some gifts here. We have rain, so no outside pics of the finished items yet. Jean.

Kate said...

It was such fun to read about and look at your photos. I think the last time I saw a Christmas store was in San Francisco and that was many years ago ... I was in awe.